Bepton PC had its Annual Parish Assembly yesterday evening

Many thanks to those villagers who attended yesterday evening’s Annual Parish Assembly and who participated in the discussions.

We have taken on board your comments, particularly about the village green (which isn’t technically a village green) and the footpath from Severals Road to Midhurst. I have arranged for the grass to be cut on the village green and have asked Cowdray  about their responsibility towards it. I shall also raise it with West Sussex County Council (WSCC) who I shall be meeting shortly. I have also mentioned the general state of the footpath with both Cowdray and WSCC, separately from the issue outside Frogmore, and I will pursue this with them.

Incidentally, I received an apology from Robert Windle this morning. Apparently there was a mix up with his diary which meant he missed our meeting. The minutes of the meetings will follow and will be posted on this website once they are available. Finally, as a Council we do welcome attendance and participation at our meetings and we would like people to use this website. So, if there are any issues you wish to raise with us, you can do so in person (our contact details are on the Councillors’ section of this website), at one of our meetings, or via the contact forms.

Finally, the local paper has reported that a man has been charged in connection with burglaries in the local area. That is good news. And I think I heard someone say yesterday evening that some property had been returned to the rightful owners, which is even better news.


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