Power outage in Bepton on 11th November

People living in the South end of Bepton were cast into darkness yesterday as a tree damaged by the recent St Jude’s Day storm brought a cable down near Bepton Lodge.

The outage started yesterday afternoon, some time after four o’clock and the electricity people turned up around a quarter to eight to try and fix the problem. There were some difficulties in their doing so, but power was eventually restored some time after nine o’clock. This was the second outage related to the storm. The first was the day after when people woke up to find that the electricity had gone off. And some people found their trees felled with at least one green house being demolished. Spending a day picking up glass from your garden is not a very pleasant Autumnal experience.

St Jude's Day storm fells trees in Bepton

St Jude’s Day storm fells trees in Bepton


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