Winter Maintenance Plan Agreement

Bepton Parish Council has agreed a plan for maintenance in the event of  bad weather this winter. A copy of it is below. As you will see, it puts some onus on us all to use the salt bags and monitor the roads. If you have any comments, please let Mike Balmforth, Vice-Chairman of Bepton Parish Council, know. His email is


Winter Maintenance Plan Agreement

Bepton Parish Council, West Sussex


West Sussex County Council can confirm that the Winter Maintenance Plan for Bepton Parish is now agreed.


WSCC will deliver 3 grit bags to Church Farm as agreed with the Principal Community Officer


Bepton Parish agrees this offer


Signed dated



West Sussex County Council’s Commitment

WSCC undertakes to:

  • Monitor the daily forecast provided by our weather forecast provider between October and April and take appropriate actions. Issue a Daily Decision to all interested parties via Gritter Twitter.
  • Treat the Precautionary Salting Network – approximately 1,600km of the county’s roads. Typically this happens 42 times per year.
  • Purchase and store at our five depots at least 10,000 tons of de-icing road salt during the summer months when prices are advantageous.
  • Liaise with the Government’s “Salt Cell” and actively participate in Mutual aid with adjacent Highway Authorities.
  • Maintain a fleet of 24 gritters (bulk spreaders) between October and April.
  • Fill salt bins in pre-winter.
  • Deliver, pre winter, Bulk Bags to locations identified in Local Winter Maintenance Plans and fund farmers to distribute salt from the bulk bags to locations identified in the agreed Local Winter Maintenance Plans.
  • Fund farmers to clear local roads identified in the agreed Local Winter Maintenance Plans
WSCC will not:

  • Treat any roads not identified as part of the Precautionary Network.
  • Hand treat footways / cycleways / precincts as a precautionary exercise.
  • Treat private, 3rd party or non highway land.
  • Refill salt bin or replace Hippo Bags during the winter period
  • Deliver salt bins or hippo bags once winter has started.
  • Fund farmers to clear roads that have not been identified in the agreed Local Winter Maintenance Plan.
  • Undertake, or support, any supplemental proposals that are not identified in the agreed Local Winter Maintenance Plans.
  • Consider Local Winter Maintenance Plans submitted after 1st August.


The Local Parish Council undertakes to:

  • Use salt provided efficiently and appropriately on routes identified in the plan during severe weather conditions
  • Clearly identify salt bin locations
  • Refill salt bins during winter period if a priority for the parish / community
  • Clearly identify locations to which WSCC should deliver hippo bags that can then allow salt to be distributed by a farmer to the local area during severe weather
  • Manage the removal of Hippo bags following winter
  • Manage the treatment of local roads treated by farmers (with appropriate authorisation) or communities


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