Bepton residents – your village needs you!

There’s just over a week before the deadline – 22nd September – for comments on the proposed sites for the West Sussex Minerals Plan. So, don’t delay: please respond before the deadline. A link to the Minerals Sites Study and response form is here.

Say no to Midhurst The Severals Bepton Sand Pits Excavation

Responses should, of course, contain your own views. But some of the issues the Parish Council has been considering are:

  • Compatibility with the National Planning Policy Framework which states that Mineral extraction should not take place in National Parks, save in exceptional circumstances;
  • Detriment to the landscape  -these sites were previously ruled out by WSCC as being unsuitable on “landscape grounds”;
  • Habitats and Wildlife – the SDNPA has recently created a habitats corridor to encourage heathland wildlife, flora and fauna as the sign the SDNPA have proudly placed there states. The area is a natural habitat for  endangered and protected species,such as the nightjar. Digging it up for a sand quarry would destroy all of that;
  • Cohesion of the land. The continuity of the West Sussex heath commons west of Midhurst, of which Severals forms a key part, would ultimately be destroyed.
  • Hydrology – the proposed quarries would have  detrimental impact on the water environment, in particular on drainage and water quality;
  • Noise, dust and air pollution would affect the amenity of local residents and those who use this valuable informal recreation land;
  • Traffic – access to the site is poor. There are limitations on the number of HGV routes — either the dangerous exit/entrance onto the A272 or through the village at the North end and down Severals Road past the pub and houses; and
  • Ancient Woodland – although many of the trees are of modern planting there is ancient woodland which would be adversely affected.

How to make your views known:


print the ‘Official Response Form’ from the link above and send it to:

Strategic Planning (Ref: Minerals Local Plan)
West Sussex County Council
County Hall, Chichester,
PO19 1RH

or via email to

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