Do You Own a Land Rover Defender?

We have received the following message from Midhurst Police about the theft of Land Rover Defenders.

Theft of Land Rover Defenders in Hampshire

Between 26th October 2014 & 21st December 2014, there have been six thefts of Land Rover Defender vehicles across Hampshire.

In all incidents the vehicles that have been stolen are of the same type, namely:

90 or Short Wheel Base types
Built between 1995 & 2005
Fitted with 200 TDi or 300 TDi series diesel engines
All have been modified in some way by the owners
None are fitted with more than the basic factory fitted anti theft systems
Why these vehicles?

1) They have now reached ‘cult status’ as far as Landrovers go, and hold their value on the second hand market.

Their value & desirability is set to increase due to the manufacture of the current model of Defender stopping in 2015.

2) The types stolen are not packed with electronic components like more ‘modern’ vehicles, so don’t need specialist knowledge to maintain.

3) If broken up for parts, the components are interchangeable between most models of Defender and therefore have high value.

4) They are notoriously easy to break into.

If you own a vehicle of this type please do what you can to make it secure.

R Craig Dunlop
Police Community Support Officer/Wildlife Crime Officer

Midhurst & Petworth Neighbourhood Policing Team
Tel: 101 Ext. 588229 Mobile: 07795 800980

If you see anything suspicious please report it immediatelyNon-Emergency contact number 101 – Emergency 999

It might be the vital piece of information we need! Sussex Police gratefully receive information on all suspicious activity, suspicious persons and Anti-Social Behaviour, occurring in your area. We thank you for your vigilance and together, in partnership, we will effectively reduce and detect crime.

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