Severals Sand Pits: Latest News

We have now had the the latest from SDNPA/WSCC about the Minerals Plan.

Their email is here: WSCC:SDNPA email. It includes a timetable through to the end of the process. And a link to the documents mentioned in the email is here. However, it is not clear to this reader what – practically – happens next. They have cancelled the proposed engagement meetings. I have written, as Chairman of the Parish Council, to the SDNPA asking them for clarification.

Nevertheless, we can see that SDNPA/WSCC they have registered our objections to the Severals Sites. And their response, as noted in their revised version of the paper, is as follows:

“ The Authorities note the Parish Council’s relevant comments and objections. The Authorities will ensure that the exceptional circumstances and public interest test is applied to all potential sites within the SDNP and AONBs. Only if the tests are passed will sites within the SDNP be considered further.

Should this site be taken forward to the next stage of the site selection process, will be subject to further technical assessments which will include a Habitats Regulation Assessment, Transport Assessment, Strategic Flood Risk Assessment, Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Study and Sustainability Appraisal. These will provide the Authorities with evidence as to whether or not the site is suitable for extraction, and if mitigation can be achieved. ”

However, we knew that before the exercise started!

We shall keep you updated via the website, at Parish Council meetings and through the Parish Council Newsletter.

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