How to respond to Severals Sand Quarries Consultation

Say no to Midhurst The Severals Bepton Sand Pits Excavation

We have had feedback that people are finding the request for responses to the Joint SDNPA/WSCC Soft Sand Review a little off-putting. The way the questions are framed is quite technical and we have been asked how can people respond to these without being an expert.

While SDNPA/WSCC would prefer people to complete their on-line form, they have said that they will accept letters & emails which contain representations and views on the proposals. However, although the form might appear daunting, it is worth looking at Question 5 of the form, which asks:

“Do you have any comments on the nine shortlisted sites identified in the Issues and Options Consultation Document?”

That question will allow you to put views forward on the sites we have focused on: Severals East and Severals West. You can, of course, comment on any of the other sites.

In case it is useful, here’s a link to a 2014 post which includes a further link (bpc-response-to-mss-26-sept-v-2 ) to Bepton PC’s response the previous time these sites were proposed. Locals might recall that, about that time, there was a notice at the Severals heralding the work that Cowdray and SDNPA were doing on creating a Heathland Corridor.

photoThat notice is no longer there and it appears that the Severals are no longer part of that project.

If you have any queries about this, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the Parish Councillors.

2 thoughts on “How to respond to Severals Sand Quarries Consultation

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  2. I would like to say that when I was a school boy many years ago, the largest employer at that time was Midhurst White. The company used sand from Severals East quarry which although no longer used, is still there. We desperately need affordable housing in this area, and of course we need the sand to build them. The areas concerned will be landscaped and we will not lose the footpaths, and more importantly it will inject much-needed employment to the town.

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