Locals Oppose Severals Sand Quarries

Local residents are working hard to oppose the Severals Sand Quarries.


Sand Quarry

A number of Bepton residents, and two Bepton Parish Councillors, attended the Planning Committee of Midhurst Town Council to make known that they oppose the proposed Sand Quarries at the Severals. Both Philippa McCullough and Katherine Steele, who are co-ordinating local views, spoke at the meeting. They were pleased to note that Midhurst Town Council agreed to oppose the proposals. They have also been in touch with a number of people and bodies and will be publishing an information leaflet soon.

Bepton Parish Council’s latest BPC – Winter 2018-2019 Newsletter focuses on the issue and lets people know how they can make their responses.

Both Bepton Parish Council and the local campaign group welcome any thoughts or expertise to help in formulating their responses to the consultation. Contact any of the Councillors or email Katherine Steel.

3 thoughts on “Locals Oppose Severals Sand Quarries

  1. They must be joking! How can they desecrate a wonderful part of a National Park. It’s not as though they are short of money. Also we have far too many HGVs driving through little Midhurst as it is. Whatever next?

  2. If I remember correctly, some years ago after Cowdray Estate ‘nuked’ Bepton woods they posted a notice saying the landscape would be replanted once settled. This never happened. Why? Because this action was planned at the same time, yet how long did it take ‘new’ trees to be planted as you leave Midhurst travelling up King Edwards Hill. I rest my case!

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