Be Aware of Advanced Fee Scams

We know that clicking links in E-mails may be unsafe. We are quoting some links below, but if you are reluctant to click on these then please feel free to search the web for Scamnesty, which should lead you to National Trading Standards website Friends Against Scams.

This week, Friends Against Scams are looking at advanced fee fraud. This is any letter in which you are asked for upfront payments for goods, services or financial gains that never arrive. Have a look at the infographic above for some examples of this type of scam, and visit the website for more information on: #ScamAware

A common advanced fee scam is inheritance fraud. Usually, the letter will tell you someone very rich has died and you’re in line to receive a huge inheritance! Have you received one or heard someone speaking of receiving a letter like this? Send it to Friends Against Scams for Christmas and take part in Scamnesty: #ScamAware #Scamnesty

Start a conversation with your friends and family – are you or they receiving suspicious post? Scam mail often claims huge wins or requests for personal details or money. Give the Friends Against Scams team a present this Christmas and send them your scam post to investigate: #Scamnesty

Have you received a letter from a stranger abroad asking you to pay an admin fee to help move a large amount of money? You’ll receive a cut if you help right now! This could be a scam. If you or someone you know has received a letter like this, send it to Friends Against Scams for #Scamnesty and do your part to take a stand against scams: #Scamnesty 

If you have received a suspicious E-mail then you can forward it to the National Cyber Security Centre at They will investigate it and take action where possible.Timely alerts from people like you help them to act quickly and protect many more people from being affected.

Please note: You should not report a crime to the NCSC in this way. If you think you may have been a victim of fraud or cyber crime, and live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, you should report this to Action Fraud at or by calling 0300 123 2020. If you live in Scotland, you should report this to Police Scotland by calling 101.

If you’re interested in joining Neighbourhood Watch, or want to find out more, visit or send an email to
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Derek Pratt MBE (NWN, Administrator, Sussex)

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