Statement of Persons Nominated & Uncontested Election for Bepton Parish Council

Dear Clerk

Parish Council Elections – 4 May 2023 – Statement of Persons Nominated

I attach for your attention a copy of the Statement of Persons Nominated showing particulars of the persons who were validly nominated for your Parish Council when the receipt of nominations closed yesterday at 4pm.   Could you please arrange for at least one copy of this notice to be displayed on a Parish Council notice board as soon as possible.

As you will see the number of candidates is lower than the number of vacancies to be filled and therefore will all be declared to be elected as unopposed and it will not be necessary to hold an election for your Parish.

I also attach a Notice of Uncontested Election, which will also be needed to be displayed.

Although there are insufficient candidates for an election, a quorum has been achieved (3 councillors or one third of the total seats, whichever is the greater).

Legislation requires that the Parish Council shall co-opt qualified people to fill the remaining seats.   This should normally be done at the first meeting of the Parish Council but MUST be done within seven weeks of the 9 May 2023.   If the vacancies have not been filled within that seven week period then it will be necessary to set a date for a further election to fill those vacancies.   The full cost of such election will have to be paid for by the Parish Council.

All elected parish councillors are required to complete a return of election expenses even if there is a nil return, these forms were included in the nomination packs but I attach it here for your information.  This must be completed and returned to the Returning Officer by 1 June 2023.  Failure to send in a Return of Expenses (even a nil return) or Declaration by the above date constitutes an illegal practice, and knowingly making a false declaration constitutes a corrupt practice.

If you have any queries please get in touch and thanks for your help this year.


Joanna Ward
Electoral Services Manager
Chichester District Council
Ext: 34592 | Tel: 01243534592 | | Fax: 01243 776766 |
East Pallant House opening hours: 9am-4pm Monday to Friday

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