Join the Protest on Thursday at 10am in North Street regarding the aftermath of the devastating fire

Following the Business Network Meeting last Thursday evening and the decision by the local businesses to hold a peaceful protest this Thursday we wanted to share with you the reasons for the protest and why it is still going ahead – a few people think that since the announcement late on Friday by CDC that South Downs is taking over, there is no need – many more disagree. We know many residents from the area will be joining the protest.

What are we trying to do:

Put pressure on those in control (now SDNPA) to fully open the road urgently – even with recent announcements the way in which the last 6 weeks has been dealt with does not give us any confidence that suddenly things will be done differently.

We want to know:

When the road will open fully?

Why is the facade being saved – we understand that it is early Victorian and has a lot of damage – explanation required.

If South Downs can over-rule Historic England re keeping the facade why haven’t they?

Who at South Downs is in charge?

How much will it cost to shore it up – will that be tax payers money?

Will keeping the damaged facade add to the cost and time taken to clear the site and re-build?

What additional funding will be provided to ensure businesses receive further support while work is going on and footfall in town impacted? For as long as needed? 2/3 years?

Also we would like at minimum weekly, ideally twice weekly full updates on what is happening and when – communication from CDC has been very poor. More frequent updates, more detail and more transparency needed – this is a crisis for the businesses.

We know that this has been a challenging and complicated process, but does anyone feel that nothing more could have or could be done?

Kind regards,

Geoff Allnutt on behalf of Midhurst Business Network Philippa McCullough on behalf of Visit Midhurst

PS Everyone is welcome.

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