22 Jan 15 Minutes of Meeting


Chairman: Mr. Howard Ewing
Clerk: Mrs. Lorraine Grocott BA (Hons): Local Policy
23 West Meade, Milland, Nr Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7NB
Tel 01428 741393… Email: postmaster@milland-wsc-pc.gov.uk

Thursday 22 January 2015 at the Park House Hotel, Bepton

Present: Mr H Ewing (Chairman), Mr M Balmforth, Mrs C Bower, Mrs R Hart
Mrs L Milner, Mrs H Hollowood, Mr G Ryan
Cllr. Gordon McAra (County Councillor)
1 Member of the Public

The Chairman welcomed James Stobart from Operation Safer Roads (OPR) who came to speak about anti-social driving. OPR also cover vehicle recovery, vehicles without tax or insurance and abandoned vehicles. OPR now has on-line reporting of road safety issues including antisocial driving, tail-gating, seat belts, and mobile phones. Initially any drivers caught will receive a letter. The aim is to reduce collisions /accidents. The Chairman thanked Mr Stobart. An article will be placed in the newsletter and onto the website.

384. Apologies – Mrs R Hart, Cllr J Cherry

385. Declaration of Interests of Members on Agenda – There were none.

386. Minutes of the Meeting 27 November 2014 were agreed and signed.

387. Reports from the County and District Councillors
Report from Cllr McAra, County Councillor
a) Broadband – Bepton is likely to be part of the upgrade which is happening in Midhurst. The homes closer to Midhurst i.e. up to Severals Road should receive an enhanced service with those at the other end (Bepton Village) receiving a guarantee of 2mb. He encouraged the Council to continue to press WSCC on this. r
b) Operation Watershed funding – There are £3/4m.in funds available for flooding or drainage work. GR raised the on-going problem of the drainage of the pond on Bugs Hill Lane which really needs to have a pump. Cllr McAra though it unlikely that this would receive funding but the Council should continue to raise the problem with Dan Sanders at WSCC.
c) The County Local Community meeting would be held shortly. There is still £10-£11K available for community projects.
Matters raised with the County Councillor:-
1. Pathway close to Frogmore near the allotments is a quagmire and needs a solution. It is in Midhurst and the Council has been unsuccessful in getting Midhurst TC to address it. One solution might be a concrete edge for about 10-15 yards to stop cars eroding the verge. It is a hazard for people to walk the path. The Council asked Cllr McAra if he could raise this with Midhurst TC.
2. Gatwick airport terminal – The County Council has withdrawn its previous support for the development mainly because of pressure from local communities and because of the cost of providing infrastructure needed for new housing which would have to be funded by council tax.
The County Council advisory vote was 37 against, 26 for. There were a number of abstentions.
3. Traffic disruption in Midhurst – The purpose of the work is to upgrade the equipment for people with disabilities or in wheelchairs. The work should be completed by March.
4. Consultation on the reduction of District Councillors. CDC believes that 48 members is now more than is needed particularly as there are new ways of working in the digital environment and with the SDNPA being responsible for some function that were formerly the responsibility of the District Council. The County Councillor supports the reduction. The parish council also supported this reduction.

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 22 January 2015
388. Matters arising – Severals Green – WSCC have confirmed that the crown lifting of the oak tree has been added to its programme.

389. Chairman items
a) Update on Minerals Plan – It was understood that information would be advised during December however the last part of the process is talking longer than expected.
b) Neighbourhood Plan – The Chairman and Mrs. Hart will be attending a SDNPA workshop on 26 February entitled Localism in a Protected Landscape – Neighbourhood Planning Workshop. One of the considerations for doing a Neighbourhood Plan is that the document will become a ‘material consideration’ when it comes to planning decisions for Bepton. (Subsequently SDNPA advised that the invitation was only for those Parishes now prpearing a Neighbourhood Plan, so Bepton PC will not attend.)
c) Rural Sounding Board – The Chairman has agreed to provide feedback to the NALC for items affecting rural areas. This helps the NALC in developing their policies.
d) SDNPA is doing a Strategic Housing Assessment – One plot was identified in Bepton however they realized that it would not meet the criterion of 5 additional dwellings and was withdrawn.
e) Speaker for the A.P.A – 14 May 2015. Possibly someone from the Murray Downland Trust.

390. Newsletter for the autumn – Mrs Bower is gathering information for the spring newsletter.

391. COUNCIL REPORTS – Finance

The above payments were approved by the council.
a) Increase in Clerks rate of pay – NALC 2014-16 National Salary Award provided for new pay scales from 2014-16 to be implemented from 1 January 2015. It also provided for a non-consolidated (one-off) payment for employees on SCPs 5-49 in December 2014 of £100 pro-rata. Rate of pay increased from £9.687phr to £9.90phr = £965pa. Mr Ewing had approved the increased figures.
b) Councillors will have to sign a consent for summons to attend meetings being sent by Email. (Consent under Local Government Act 1972 schedule 12 para 10(2) (b))
c) The Government has published the final version of the Transparency Code for Councils with a turnover of under £25K. The code will require the on-line publication of information which the Government says will provide taxpayers with a clear picture of the council’s activities, spending and governance and will improve the ability of communities to hold local public bodies to account.
Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 22 January 2015

392. Planning report –

393. Environment and Amenities –
Emergency planning – Mr Balmforth advised that if there was no snow there would be no action. Highways are only gritting main routes. The SSE Emergency Tel: No: 0345 072 1905.

394. Highways/Rights of Way (RoW)
a) Flooding continues to be a problem at the end of the tarmac area on Severals Road. MB/CB to take a photograph to show Highways. The drain needs jetting.
b) Padwicks Farm – Meadow View – There are problems with a drain/ditch that is blocked. It is the landowner’s responsibility to keep ditched clear. CB to speak to the landowner.
c) Councillors mentioned various trees and branch close to Highways they consider in danger of breaking off or falling. Trees need to be cut back near the Welcome to Bepton sign.

395. Other Matters – Mrs Fay asked if information about the Carpet Bowls group in Elsted could be placed onto the website. This was agreed. Mrs Fay to send the information to Mr Ewing.

Date of next meeting – 26 March 2015 @ 7.00pm, The Park Hotel, Bepton

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