Bepton PC has seven Parish Councillors. The serving Councillors are as follows:

Mrs Rosalind Hart (Chair)
Tel:01730 815473

Mr John Beckett (Vice-Chair and Planning)

Mike Salmon (Highways and Rights of Way)

Mrs Carey Bower (Editor of the Newsletter)

Mr James Beaumont (Website)

Mr Duncan Hollowood (Neighbourhood Watch)

Mrs. Lorraine Grocott BEM, (Clerk)
Tel:01428 741393

Ms. Angelica Morge (Police Community Support Officer – PCSO)

Councillor Judy Fowler represents Bepton on Chichester District Council
Tel:07889 421850

Councillor Kate O’Kelly represents Bepton on West Sussex County Council
Tel:07979 522299


6 thoughts on “Councillors

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