18 Jul 19 Minutes of Meeting

Chairman: Mrs Rosalind Hart
Clerk: Mrs. Lorraine Grocott, BEM, BA Hons (Local Policy)
23 West Meade, Milland, Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7NB
Tel 01428 741393… Email: postmaster@milland-wsc-pc.gov.uk
Website – http://www.bepton.org
Thursday 18 July 2019 at The Park Hotel, Bepton
Present: Mrs R Hart (in the Chair), Mrs C Bower, Mr L Sadler, Mr J Beaumont
Mr Chris Walker, Member of the Public
Cllr K O’Kelly (County Councillor),
718. Apologies – Mr J Beckett, Dr J Wilkinson
719. Declaration of Interests of Members on Agenda – There were none.
720. Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly 23 May 2019 were agreed and signed.
Minutes of the Annual Statutory Meeting 23 May 2019 were agreed and signed.
721. Report from the County Councillor – Cllr Kate O’Kelly

Inspection of fire service
June 2019 – Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) published the findings of their
inspection of WSCC fire and rescue service.
The report looks at how well the service is protecting the public, preventing and responding to fires and other
emergencies, and how well we look after staff.
The report found that effectiveness of the service “requires improvement”, the efficiency of the service
“requires improvement” and the way it looks after its people is “inadequate”.
10th July – Environment, Communities and Fire select scrutiny committee discussed the findings.
Full Council on 19th July – motion on Fire service inspection – will live webcast.
Improvement plan has been published – 5.1 million extra allocated from revenue budget to include funding for
staffing, equipment and training.
Budget plans for next year 20/21
Government funding remains uncertain for next year
WSCC are planning to find another £27.9 m of savings
Options include closing some libraries (not Midhurst), reducing support to subsidised bus services, further reduction in housing related
support, closure of household waste recycling sites.
Cabinet meeting held on 11th July – public meeting to discuss these options.
Schools -Motion to full council
I have submitted a motion to full council 19th July – so that we can debate the support that WSCC gives to the development of partnerships
of small schools. Government policy is not to close small rural schools and to encourage federation, this is reflected in WSCC Schools
Effectiveness Strategy. New addition to the forward plan at WSCC includes a decision about whether to consult on the future of 5 WSCC
small primaries including Stedham and Compton. This decision is due to be made in September. The Education team are taking
representations over the Summer.
My view is that the partnership stage pre – federation needs more support from the LA and schools should be given more time to make and
develop these partnerships. Consultation should be absolutely the last stage. Other LAs are more proactive in supporting schools move to
partner and federate. Eg East Sussex.
Bus Update
Local bus group meeting met on 25/6/19
Good dialogue between SDNPA and Stagecoach regarding promotion of the services
Next meeting 3 Sept
WSCC may be looking to make some reductions to 54 service – e.g. losing early morning journey on Saturdays and will look at options for
7.34 Mon to Friday service from South Harting to Chichester.
Alternative is to arrange partnership / contributions from parishes – we will discuss options in Sept.
Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting, 18 July 2019
The Midhurst – Haslemere route 70 is under consideration for bus cuts to services for 20/21. I will continue to make representations about
this. It is critical that a town without a station does not lose any more public transport options.
Midhurst Vision
Website now live – consultation process open.
Hoping residents of Midhurst and surrounding villages who go to Midhurst as one of their main towns will take part. This is a way for us all
to shape the future of Midhurst.
A series of workshops will be happening in the Autumn – you will be able to follow progress on the Midhurst Vision website –


Kate’s Drop Ins continue
Rogate Village shop – 9
th September – 10.30-12.30
WSCC Governance Committee has set up a working group to review County Local Committees
(CLCs) to report in the Autumn. Its main aims are to: –
a. Review the purpose, role and effectiveness of CLCs
b. Review the Council’s approach to community engagement and development, to include support
to the member role in the community.
c. Explore opportunities for savings.
Cllr Dr Kate O’Kelly said that the North Chi CLC which serves Midhurst, Petworth, Bourne and
Rother Valley, provides a direct link for PCs and the community with the officers of the County
Council. Most of the concerns raised are to do with Highways. Recently, the meetings have become
poorly attended although there was large representation for the Velo cycle ride and the changes to the
A272. The Chairman would respond to the survey.
There was no representation from either of the new the District Councillors. The Chairman would
email them.
Chichester District Council – Report on the All Parishes Meeting on 15 July
 Mr Beaumont and Mrs Sadler had attended the Chichester District Council (CDC) All Parishes
Meeting in Midhurst on 15 July. Agenda items included Visions and High Street Actions,
Climate Change and Environmental Initiatives, Single Use Plastics, Digital Community Network.
 There was a presentation on the recent change from 80-100% to becoming carbon neutral by 2050
affecting transport and waste. For parishes there were three things suggested including organised
litter picks, best practises on waste management ideas and parish councils (PCs) making their own
decisions on policies. CDC is asking PCs to develop their own initiatives.
 CDC is also starting a community group on-line networking forum, to be rolled out in the next
few months. It is a website that is only accessible by community groups – including PCs and is
designed to encourage sharing of ideas, lessons learned and information generally.
722. Vacancy for Councillor – The District Council has been advised of the vacancy.
723. Public Participation – Mr. Walker attended the meeting as someone interested in the work of
the council. He is considering filling the vacancy. He would respond to Mrs. Hart.
724. Matters arising – The Spring-Summer 2019 Newsletter has been distributed.
725. Chairman’s Items
a) The Clerk had informally advised the Chairman that she would be retiring in 2020. Her last
meeting would be in July. The Chairman thanked the Clerk for her 21 years of service to the parish.
b) Midhurst Vision – A survey has been launched. Printed copies are available at The Grange and
on their website – http://www.MidhurstVision.org or search ~MidhurstVision to find out more.
Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 18 July 2019
725. Chairman’s Items continued
c) Bepton War Memorial – Incorrect name – It has been brought to the attention of the Hon. Sec.
Bepton PCC that one of the names on the memorial is possibly incorrect. The Council has agreed in
principle to the change but is waiting for clarification from the Hon. Sec Bepton PCC. If this is
received, the Chairman would make the relevant arrangements so that it can hopefully be done before
the WWII anniversary this year.
d) Areas of Responsibility – Confirmation
 Finance – James Beaumont
 Planning – John Beckett
 Newsletter and website – Carey Bower
 Rights of Way and Midhurst Area Cycling (MAC) – Julia Wilkinson
 Mowing and Winter Emergency – Linda Sadler
726. Finance report – Mrs Grocott, RFO
a) Statement of Accounts – Payments for approval
BEPTON PARISH COUNCIL Statement July 2019 Nat West – Sort Code 61-14-22
Balance brought forward 1.4.19 11601.98
Receipts 1.4.19-5.6.19 3248.50
Payments 1.4.19-5.6.19 -3489.60
Balance at Bank 5.6.19 11360.88
Receipts 6.6.19-18.7.19 1.7 MPC – Reim for CDC Uncont 57.00 AC85
2.7 CDC Reim for CDC Uncont 217.00 AC86
Payments 6.6.19-18.7.19 Details Gross VouNo Vat Net Power
07-Jun MADhurst Donation 2019 75.00 124 P 75.00 Sec137
10-Jun SSALC Ltd Councillors Briefing 84.00 125 E 14.00 70.00 LGA72
15-Jun SSALC Ltd Chairmans Briefing 84.00 126 E 14.00 70.00 LGA72
25-Jun C Bower Reim KerryType 64.05 127 P 64.05 LGA72
02-Jul CDC Uncontested Election 217.00 128 O 217.00 LGA72
01-Jul Milland PC Reim o/p OL128 57.00 129 O 57.00 LGA72
01-Jul CDC Uncntst Election Inv 252 160.00 130 O 160.00 LGA72
04-Jul Zurich Municipal Insurance 19-20 257.60 131 P 257.60 LGA72
18-Jul L Grocott 2/6 Sal£245.83; E£36.66 233.29 132 P 233.29 LGA72
HMRC PAYE 49.20 133 P 49.20 LGA72
18-Jul Park Hotel Room hire 35.00 134 P 5.83 29.17 LGA72
18-Jul Carl Wallis Mowing services 555.00 135 P 555.00 OpSpa
18-Jul SALC Planning session 84.00 -1955.14 136 P 14.00 70.00 LGA72
Less Gratuity Fund -937.91 Italics have all been paid
CIL receipts -1251.00
Available funds 7490.83
Ringfenced funds: 3165.00
Lottery Fund Grant -2760.00 P = Precepted, E = Excess of Precept
Less Com Hrtbt Trust -2760.00£405.00 O = Outside Precept
Balance 937.91
Clerks Gratuity Fund 1251.00
CIL receipts £2,593.91
These payments were approved.
b) Nat West Bank account Change of Mandate to include James Beaumont -This has been
approved. Mr Beaumont will apply for a bank card to allow him to make payments.
Mrs Bower is a cheque signatory, Mrs Hart and the Clerk are bank card holders
c) SALC – Finance and Legal training session on 26 September. The Clerk to attend. The cost
£120 + vat will be met by both Milland and Bepton PCs 2/3 – 1/3.
Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 18 July 2019
727. Planning Report – Mr. John Beckett
Councils response to applications: –
Mr & Mrs Steele of Woodlands Cottage, Severals Road request to build a garden store, including a
log store with cat slide roof. Await decision.
Mr Ray Heagarty of Wickford Point, Bepton Road requests to demolish the existing two-story bay
window to SE elevation, construct single story extension to SE elevation with balcony and access
from bifold doors in existing first floor opening. Permit.
Dr & Mrs Brian Marien of Woolbeding Cottage request to build a single-story extension to the North
and West elevations and to alter the West and South elevations of planning permission
SDNP/18/03150/HOUS. Permit.
Mr R Bailey of The Paddock, Severals Road requests to vary Condition 2 of planning permission
SDNP/18/02288/FUL to install solar panels to the roof slope forming material changes to the
approved plan. Permit.
The Cowdray Estate requests a Lawful Development Certificate to resurface the existing track at
Church Farm with crushed chalk further to SDNP/19/00105/LDE as well as a section 8m north of the
existing track not included in this previously permitted LDE. Await decision.
728. South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA)
a) Parishes within the National Park were recently asked to nominate candidates to Sussex
places on the Board. In West Sussex there were 10 candidates, Alun Aylesbury and Andrew Shaxson
were elected.
b) The South Downs National Park Authority have unanimously voted to formally adopt the
South Downs Local Plan. Copies of the Adoption Statement and other documents associated with the
Plan are available on their website http://www.southdowns.gov.uk/localplan. A copy will be provided
to each Council.
729. The Country Inn – Decision on application by the Council as an Asset of Community Value
a) Unfortunately, the Councils nomination to the Chichester District Council was unsuccessful.
Apparently, since the Community Right to Bid was introduced, case law has created a number of
precedents that public houses do not in themselves provide social value. On that basis, the example
given in the Council’s application were considered to be typically consistent with the activities of a
public house and “not demonstrative of community use”.
b) Tree Preservation Order (TPO) – The Chairman is to contact Henry Whitby, CDC Tree Officer to
assess its suitability of the Beech tree in The Country Inn garden.
730. Website – Accessible Website Regulations – James Beaumont
The meeting discussed the background to the website Bepton.org which was set up by a member of
the community. .0rg is a non-profit site. It is understood that when the site was established, several
email addresses were also purchased which would enable councillors to use the addresses for council
contact. Mr Beaumont will arrange a meeting with Mr Howard to take this forward.
Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 18 July 2019
731. Community Use Defibrillator – John Beckett (JB) provided an email report
The defib is now installed, ready for use and registered with SECAmb so that they can direct callers to
the defib if necessary. Whilst JB has been away Mrs Milner has kindly been planning a
familiarisation session for Bepton residents and this will be held on 28 August at 7pm at the Park
House Hotel. A flyer will be delivered to all Bepton residents.
The defib must be checked on a weekly basis when it is ready for use and confirm readiness on a CHT
online system so that the ambulance service is aware of its status. Mrs Milner and Mr Beckett are
currently doing this, but it would be good to have another volunteer in case both Mrs Milner and Mr
Beckett are away at the same time.
JB asked that ‘thanks’ be recorded to both Mrs Milner and Mrs Cunningham for their assistance on
this project.
Dead tree behind the defibrillator kiosk – Ownership of the tree needs to be established so that tree
surgery arrangements to have it felled can be made.
732. Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) balance £1,251 – Funds have been allocated to
Bepton from the South Downs National Park Authority CIL. “The CIL levy can contribute to
infrastructure, which can include facilities such as play areas, parks and cultural and sports facilities
and some flexibility is provided to communities in choosing what infrastructure they need. The levy
can be spent on ‘the provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of
infrastructure’. It can also be used to increase the capacity of existing infrastructure or to repair
failing infrastructure if that is necessary to support development.
However, CIL cannot be used to fund solutions to existing problems i.e. traffic calming/management
or on repairs to existing infrastructure in an area that hasn’t experienced housing growth.”
Suggestions included 1) village gateways to the parish; 2) village sign at Severals green.
733. Environment / Highways & Byways
Midhurst Area Cycling meeting, 29 June – The meeting discussed the Midhurst bicycle by-pass –
(Jubilee path north & south Midhurst/Easebourne and to Rother College), improvements to Half
Moon Pub crossing, a road safety plan Midhurst to Woolbeding junction; South Downs Way to
Cocking link; Rother Valley Way (Petersfield to Pulborough Railway Route) project
734. Community Facility Audit – This provides the District Council with information on
Bepton’s facilities, existing projects and funding, future projects and funding, general amenities and
their location, transport and accessibility, support and voluntary groups, halls, centres and churches,
community resilience plans – parish council winter emergency plan.
735. WSCC Health and Wellbeing survey – The clerk advised that Bepton was a very small
parish with no facilities however it supported local organisations through donations.
736. Date of next meeting 19 September 2019 at the Park House Hotel, Bepton.
Chairman: …………………………………. Date: ……………………
These Minutes are unconfirmed untiled signed by the Chairman