19 Jul 17 Minutes of Meeting


Chairman: Mr. Howard Ewing
Clerk: Mrs. Lorraine Grocott, BEM, BA Hons (Local Policy)
23 West Meade, Milland, Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7NB
Tel 01428 741393… Email: postmaster@milland-wsc-pc.gov.uk
Website – http://www.bepton.org

Thursday 19 July 2017 at The Park House Hotel, Bepton Road

Present: Mr H Ewing (in the Chair), Mrs R Hart, Mrs C Bower, Dr J Wilkinson,
Mrs Alex Cunningham, Mrs L Milner
Cllr C Neville (District Councillor)
Cllr K O’Kelly (County Councillor)
3 Members of the Public

567. Apologies – Mr G Ryan, Mrs S Fay, Mr & Mrs D Hollowood, Mr & Mrs S Verrall

568. Declaration of Interests of Members on Agenda –
• Mr Ewing – Planning application – SDNP/17/03260/FUL
• Mrs Cunningham – Planning application – SDNP/17/03260/FUL

569. Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly 25 May 2017 – were approved and signed.
Minutes of the Annual Statutory Meeting 25 May 2017 – were approved and signed.

570. Matters arising from the Minutes
a) The Chairman had met with the County Councillor to view and discuss the following items: –
Item 559 e) Kerbing at Midhurst allotment site – Highways have advised that no further kerbing work will be done.
b) Item 9 – APA – the Leylandii hedge at the end of Severals Road. The Chairman had met with Cllr O’Kelly. The person who planted has now died and the hedge is growing on Cowdray land. The Chairman will write to Mrs Cox suggesting that she take the matter up with Cowdray Estate.

c) Item 564 ASM Minutes – Speed Control in the village – The speed limit in Severals Road is 40mph, and on Bepton Road 60mph although this is reduced from the junction to the Amenity site. There was agreement for Severals Road to be reduced to 30mph however it was considered a low priority by Highways and a few years ago cuts were made to the number of Traffic Regulation Orders across the County. It is possible to apply again but it is unlikely to be successful as it is a low priority particularly as the monitor analysing data did not indicate high levels of speed on the road. Following discussion, it was agreed that even if the speed limits were reduced who would enforce them.
It has been suggested that as Bepton Road was part of an advisory cycle route and if it were to become a designated cycle road the speed limit would automatically be lowered to 50mph. Dr Wilkinson followed this up with SUSTRANS. Unfortunately, they have advised that it is not part of the National Cycling Network and they have no authority regarding speed limits on advisory roads. SUSTRANS is mainly interested in adapting old railway lines to cycle routes.

d) Item 3 – APA – The Dark Skies presentation had proved very interesting.
e) Item 559a) ASM – Thanks were expressed to Mrs Bower on the Summer Newsletter.

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 19 July 2017

571. Report District Councillor – Cllr Caroline Neville
• Dog fouling, particularly in villages is becoming an increasing problem. CDC have agreed that dog owners can put their ‘poo’ bags into their domestic bins. There is fine of £100 for not picking up dog poo.
• SDNP have yet to finalise their Development Plan which could take another 3 years. Until then the current arrangement regarding decisions on planning application will remain with the District having delegated authority on minor applications and SDNPA on larger applications.
• Cllr Neville is a member of the Health and Social Care Group at County. It is going to promote more actively Safeguarding for adults and children in the light of the increased use of drugs and the effects on physical and emotional abuse by these substances.

Report County Councillor – Cllr Kate O’Kelly
• As of Friday, 14/7/17 the Fire and Rescue Service will stay integrated with WSCC. There had been a significant possibility that the Police and Crime Commissioner for the whole of Sussex was going to try and take control of the service.
• Health and Adult Social Care (HASC) report – Radiotherapy plan has been discussed with the possibility of a new service involving delivery of Radiotherapy at St Richards Hospital, Chichester/ Funding is yet to be found but the principle has been agreed. Currently patients must go outside the County for treatment.
• Adult Social Care – New operating model. Rather than everyone needing a long assessment at the start, the idea is prevention, to get in early, first look for family/community supports. The new system is less focussed on eligibility. It will be making the assessment process less burdensome. Midhurst has been a pilot area. Reports are due back from pilots in Autumn 2017 and the County is expecting to roll out the new model in early 2018.
There is a survey running until 11 August for residents to give their views. https://haveyoursay.westsussex.gov.uk/legal-democratic-services/supporting-lives-connecting-people
• Safeguarding Adults Member Reference Group – Cllr O’Kelly has been appointed to the group. It will look at specific cases or matters of concern raised by the Head of Safeguarding.
• Health and Scrutiny Committee (HASC) Coastal Commissioning Group (CCG) – Cllr O’Kelly has been appointed as a liaison member. She will attend the CCG meetings to report back to HASC. The funding across the whole Health and Adult care sector is looking critical.
• Midhurst Division – Cllr O’Kelly visited the Midhurst Household Waste Recycling Site – as a resident had raised the issue of the lack of soil and hardcore recycling bin. Midhurst is the only site across WSCC without one. It is a small site and there is not an obvious solution. She is waiting to hear back from WSCC waste services with their reply.
• Midhurst Amenity Opening in Winter – There may be reduced hours of opening in the winter.
There may be discussion with cross border amenity sites to dovetail services in the winter.

572. Public Participation
Midhurst Community Land Trust project – Mr Adrian Moore chairman/Cllr Gordon McAra
Midhurst have set up a Community Land Trust (CLT) to serve the town and its surrounding villages.
A CLT is a social enterprise set up to benefit a specific community by owning important local assets. Its aim is to make available long-term stock of affordable housing for local people to rent or buy and to offer short-term rented accommodation to key workers. By owning the land, the Midhurst CLT, managed by local people on a not for profit basis, will control things that are important to the area such as the location, number and design of the homes. It also ensures that local people have priority to live in them. The criteria will be 1) An emphasis on local people who cannot afford high prices, 2) key workers, 3) People with important skills needed in the area 4) The criteria will be further developed as the Trust seeks advice from CDC, others with experience of Community Land Trusts and following consultation with local people. Mr Moore hopes the Council will support this project.

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 19 July 2017

573. Finance report – Mrs. Grocott, RFO

a) Statement of Accounts – Payments for approval

The above payments were approved by the Council.

b) Year-end accounts – The External auditor had come back with a request for information on the variances and had advised that the accounts and Notice of the Public Right to Inspect had not appeared on the website. This has now been corrected.
c) The new legislation on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force in May 18. The Council is required to register at the Data Protection site and this will cost £35. More information on data protection can be found on the website http://www.ico.org.uk
d) SALC – Legal and Finance Day 13 July 2017 – The programme included a general legal update on Data Transparency, Compliance with GDPR, Pensions – Auto enrolment, Finance update on Transparency and common errors in Annual Reports.

574. Planning Report – Mrs Hart


Bepton Hotels Ltd (Park House Hotel) requests permission to change the use of field into an overflow car park. Waiting for an appeal date start letter.

Mr Mark Bilsland of Padwicks Farm requests permission to build a new agricultural storage barn. Decision was that prior approval is required and therefore this application has been refused. Written appeal by the Planning Inspector commenced end April. Await decision.

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 19 July 2017

Mr Mark Bilsland of Padwicks Farm requests permission to convert and extend barn to provide a
holiday let and also to convert stables to provide home office / studio. Refused.

Mr Ray Heagarty of Wickford Point requests permission to build new side and rear two storey extensions to the existing dwelling. Await decision.

SDNP/17/01635/HOUS & SDNP/17/01636/LIS
Mr and Mrs Sadler of Henchers Farm request permission to build a single storey guest
bedroom / workshop in a replacement outbuilding, a new garage / cart barn and to replace the
original farm entrance. Permit.

Mr Abu Chinwala of Wayside Cottage requests retrospective permission to change the use of the outbuilding to a holiday let and/or annex. This outbuilding was permitted under SDNP/15/05618/HOUS to build a traditional oak framed garage/workshop/home office/ attic store to replace the existing one.

The council discussed the above application and it was decided to object however if the DC planners were to permit the application then they would ask that permission would be conditional on its future use.

575. Review of the Parish Plan 2007 – The review is in hand.

576. Telephone Kiosk at Bepton Common – Mrs L Milner reported
A small group had inspected the telephone kiosk and agreed that it is still in good condition. Visits had also been made to Milland and Trotton. BT have advised that the power supply will be maintained for another 7 years. They have had very useful session with Trotton where the defibrillator has been used following a cycling accident. They believe there is a good case for a successful Lottery Fund grant, particularly as it is on a cycle route and there are a lot of ramblers who use the area. It’s present site on the main road makes it very visible should an emergency arise. Once the initial costs of installation and restoration are undertaken the main costs to the parish would be insurance and annual maintenance. Training courses would be very important although the unit will talk through the user in an emergency. Ball park costs are around £1600 for the defibrillator and £450 to have the unit painted although the paint is free. It will cost £1 to purchase the unit from BT. In principal, the council supported the purchase of the unit and the idea of converting it house a defibrillator subject to more detail about costings. Mrs Milner agreed to provide a report with more details about grants and costs to the September meeting. Thanks, were expressed to Mrs Milner and the group for their time and work on this project.

577. Highways & Byways & Environment
Winter Emergency Plan 2017-18 – The Chairman will provide the necessary information to Active Communities.

578. Date of next meeting – 14 September, The Barn at The Park Hotel, Bepton.

Chairman: …………………………………. Date: ……………………

These Minutes are unconfirmed untiled signed by the Chairman