20 Sep 18 Minutes of Meeting

Chairman: Mr. Howard Ewing
Clerk: Mrs. Lorraine Grocott, BEM, BA Hons (Local Policy)
23 West Meade, Milland, Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7NB
Tel 01428 741393… Email: postmaster@milland-wsc-pc.gov.uk
Website – http://www.bepton.org

Thursday 20 September 2018 at The Park Hotel, Bepton

Present: Mrs R Hart (in the Chair), Mr J Beckett, Mrs L Milner, Mrs C Bower,
Mrs A Cunningham, Cllr K O’Kelly (County Councillor)
Two Members of the Public

663. Apologies – Mr H Ewing, Dr J Wilkinson, Cllr C Neville (District Councillor)
664. Declaration of Interests of Members on Agenda – There were none.

665. Minutes of the Meeting 12 July 2018 were agreed and signed.

666. Report County Councillor – Cllr Kate O’Kelly
Recent announcement of worsening financial position at WSCC 18/19 gap between revenue and spending is predicted to be £5.7m but 19/20 is currently predicted to be £22.3m. More savings have been identified and will be debated over the Autumn and Winter including:
Reduction in budget for troubled families programme – more targeted
Review of WSCC support for non-commercial bus services – across the County
Termination of housing support contracts with voluntary sector – these include specialist accommodation-based schemes for residents who are at risk of homelessness.
Reduction in the Local Assistance Network (LAN) – a support for households in crisis situations which had previously been available through the benefits system.
Decision due to be scrutinised at Health and Adult Social Care (HASC) on 27th September.

Closure or the Bailey Unit at Midhurst Community Hospital – due to shortage of staff. This decision will be scrutinised on 27th Sept meeting of Health and Adult Social Care Committee at WSCC.
A Group has been set up to explore the idea of a frailty hub based in Midhurst and to explore the options regarding reopening the ward. The CCG are hoping that it will be a temporary closure.

Bus Update
Bus Group at WSCC is meeting in Oct to discuss bus strategy. Local NW Bus Group meeting 23rd October – 6pm – Rogate Village Hall. WSCC Forward plan involves timeline for review of bus strategy and review of WSCC support for non-commercial bus services – consultation in Dec 2018.

Planning and Environment
New permit scheme at Household Waste Recycling Site. Free permit will apply to anyone who has a van, pickup or single axle trailer, available to West Sussex residents only. Changes implemented from 1st October 2018.

Kate’s Drop-ins
Milland – Milland Stores – 4th Oct 10.30-12.30
Stedham – Stedham Village Hall – 18th Oct 11.45-1.00
Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 20 September 2018

Grange Site
Cabinet decision at CDC made on 4th Sept to sell site for development as a Care Home
Midhurst residents, town and local district councilors all opposed and expressed this at the meeting. Locally cross-party support for a delay in the sale to give time for all options to be considered including an opportunity for Midhurst Vision to complete its work. More opportunity for Midhurst as a community to decide the outcome of this crucial town central site. The decision has been called-in – cross party support for the call-in. The Overview and Scrutiny Committee at CDC considered the evidence on 18th September and agreed the decision made by the cabinet.

667. Public Participation – Mrs. Sadler attended the meeting to raise the idea of setting up a monthly walking group for the community. The length of walk would be dependent on those taking part but within a radius of 10 miles. It was suggested that she liaise with a resident in Cocking. The Council supported the idea and offered to put an item in the next Newsletter with her contact number M: 07766494007.

668. Chairman’s Items
a) Bepton War Memorial – The Chairman has spoken to the stone mason recommended by Roger Poat (Undertakers in Midhurst). He has done work in Bepton before and knows the War Memorial. He will provide some options and it is hoped to have the work done by November in time for the Remembrance Service on 11 November. It was agreed that once options have been provided by the stonemason the selection option would be agreed via Email.

b) Church Farm – Mr Ewing and Mrs Hart had met with the CEO, Jonathon Russell, and Cowdray’s Head of Property, Lucy Moore. Mr Russell advised that Lord Cowdray’s daughter Emily and son-in-law will be making Church Farm their home. The house is being refurbished – no planning permission is needed. Some hedging and associated work will be undertaken to tidy up the farmhouse surroundings. The couple have plans to use the farm as a family smallholding.
Mr Ewing raised the Church’s concerns about parking and Mr Russell (CE Cowdray Estate) confirmed that the Church parking wouldn’t be affected: they want to minimise impact on the Church. He was keen to talk to the Church and Mr Ewing agreed to advise Mrs Ryan of the Estate’s position on Church parking and to invite her to contact Mr Russell. Mr Ewing has since spoken to Mrs Ryan.

669. Finance report – Mrs Grocott, RFO
a) Statement of Accounts – Payments for approval

The above payments were approved by the Council.
b) Moore Stephens, External Auditors have advised that they will be sending out the Section 3 Report and Certificate for the 2017/19 accounts soon.
c) Precept considerations for 2019/2020 – The Clerk will be preparing the Precept for the November meeting. It was noted that the Council has quite a large Reserve. It was suggested that if the Lottery application for the Defibrillator unit was unsuccessful the Reserve could be used.
Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 20 September 2018

670. Planning Report – Mrs Hart

Mr R Bailey of The Paddock, Severals Road requests permission to demolish the existing dwelling and associated outbuildings, and to erect a replacement dwelling incorporating garage. This has gone back to the agent stating that, whilst CDC has no objection to the principle of a replacement dwelling, the proposed plans are above the permitted 30% increase in floor space. A time extension was agreed and now substitute plans have been submitted.

Mrs L Moore of Cowdray Estate requests permission to resurface the existing access track for Church Farm Bugshill Lane. We wrote a letter of objection as discussed. As a result, because the planning officer is indicating that she will be recommending permit, this application will be red-carded and go before the planning committee. Await decision.

Dr & Mrs Brian Marien of Woolbeding Cottage requests permission to replace an existing flat roof over the single storey room at the rear of the existing dwelling with a pitched roof, clad in tiles to match main building and the extension of the room by some 2.3mtrs as well as minor building works with a dome being provided in an existing flat roof and a replacement of a window with French doors and side light. Permit.

Wand Estates Ltd requests permission to change of use of The Bluebell public house to provide 2 dwelling houses. After discussion, it was decided that we had no objection to this proposal.

Further to Cllr Kate O’Kelly’s report, disappointment was expressed about the lack of consultation particularly when Midhurst is in the process of preparing their own document about the future of Midhurst i.e. Midhurst vision. The pre-application SDNP/18/04617/PRE was discussed.

671. Community Use Defibrillator – Lottery Application
Mr Beckett advised that a new application has been submitted via an online portal system.

672. Highways & Byways & Environment
a) Overgrown vegetation on Minching Lane was raised with the Access Ranger. He advised that this Lane was an issue on inspection. The path has been put down to summer clearance in 2019. He has contacted the landowner to have the side hedgerow at the eastern end cut-back which they will do in autumn after nesting season is over and hopefully periodically after that.
b) SDNPA Parish Workshop – Autumn 2018 – Thursday 29 November 6.30-9.30pm

673. Other correspondence
a) Email of thanks from Nick Wheeler for the support of Bepton PC of the Midhurst Community Bus/MyBus during his ten years as Chairman. He has now stepped down from the Committee.
Mr Becket represented the Council at the AGM of Midhurst Bus on September 6.

674. Date of next meeting – 7pm on 22 November 2018 at The Park House Hotel.
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