22 Mar 18 Minutes of Meeting

Chairman: Mr. Howard Ewing
Clerk: Mrs. Lorraine Grocott, BEM, BA Hons (Local Policy)
23 West Meade, Milland, Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7NB
Tel 01428 741393… Email: postmaster@milland-wsc-pc.gov.uk
Website – http://www.bepton.org

Thursday 22 March 2018 at The Park House Hotel, Bepton Road

Present: Mr H Ewing (in the Chair), Mrs R Hart, Mr J Beckett, Dr J Wilkinson, Mrs L Milner, Mrs A Cunningham
Cllr K O’Kelly (County Councillor)
Cllr C Neville (District Councillor)

621. Apologies – Mrs C Bower
622. Declaration of Interests of Members on Agenda – There were none.

623. Minutes of the Meeting 25 January 2018 were agreed and signed.

624. Report County Councillor – Cllr Kate O’Kelly

1. Although is won’t directly affect Bepton, Emsworth and District are withdrawing from their contracted bus services from 14 April. WSCC have announced that Stagecoach are taking over the 54,91,92 and 93 services from 15 April. WSCC have employed a transport consultant to look at the short and long-term plan. There is a reprieve regarding bus subsidies – savings have been removed from next year’s budget to give more time to develop a new rural transport plan. Bus strategy – public consultation will open soon at http://www.westsussex.gov.uk/about-the-council/have-your-say.
2. There was a workshop on developing the North Chi Local Community Network – a network of health providers and local voluntary and other community organisations looking at social prescribing and rural isolation.
3. Regarding the decision to close the Members Big Society Fund and Small Grants Fund and move to an arrangement of crowdsourcing for the Community Initiative Fund. This decision was called-in successfully – the officers were asked to bring a business case to the Environment, Communities and Fire Committee so they could scrutinize this fully before progressing to this new model. Cabinet member has proceeded with the decision – so the crowdfunding model will start for all community grants from the next financial year.
4. HASC meeting last week – Sussex Partnership Mental Health Trust was scrutinised- significant challenge is the work force recruitment and retention. They are aiming to scale up community mental health care with increased access to psychological therapies. WSCC presented their new reablement programme for people recently discharged from hospital. This is much more tailored to the individual and seems to be starting well.
5. Education update – The decision about the change of catchment area for Easebourne and Midhurst Primary has been made with the two catchment areas being combined. Concerns have been raised as this new arrangement might be a threat to the nearby smaller primary schools.
6. Holmbush play area – Work has begun on clearing undergrowth. Action days are planned for 17th/18th May with the community teams from WSCC and CDC working alongside residents of Holmbush and including WS volunteers.
7. Drop-in session -Midhurst 29th March 10.30 – 12.30 at The Grange

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 22 March 2018

625. Report District Councillor – Cllr Caroline Neville

1. Chichester Enterprise Centre opened its doors on 1st March. It is a facility managed work space for offices, workshops, meeting rooms, co-working spaces and virtual offices run by Basepoint.co.uk. It is in Terminus Road with free car parking and provides small flexible space. The facility is owned by CDC with the help of CDC financial support.
2. The Southern Gateway implementation is looking for sites to move the post office services and bus station. They are planning to turn the old law courts into a Concert Hall. This is all part of Chichester Vision. In time there will be a Northern Gateway at the roundabout near Chichester Theatre.
3. Midhurst Vision is also beginning to unfold. Anyone who starts a new business can have training to help them set up and run a shop. If they take part in the training programme there will be grants to improve shop fronts.
4. Chichester University is being encouraged to include more professional degree courses. With Rolls Royce so close there could be training for designers and engineers.
5. The SDNPA local plan was discussed at CDC – particularly the unmet housing need in the Park section of the District. SDNP were allocated 88 houses in the Park but asked CDC to take 40 of them. This has met with a negative response.
6. Cllr Neville is taking part in a community safety task and finish group.
7. Steve Carvell, Executive Director (Planning) will be retiring after 35 years with CDC.
8. Steve Hansford, once the Chief of Police will also be retiring.
9. There will be Council tax increases because of the increase in roadside litter, fly tipping and the cost of clinical waste collection.
10. More help for the homeless is being discussed.

626. Chairman’s Items –
a) Velo South the100-mile distance on a closed road route though West Sussex. The event is supported by the County Council because of its economic, health and wellbeing, community and charity benefits. The event will take place on Sunday 23 September. The event will not be using the roads in Bepton.
b) Wiggle Sussex Gran Fondo – Saturday 2nd June 2018 will be cycling through Bepton.
c) Speaker for the Annual Parish Assembly (APA) – It was suggested and agreed to ask for a representative from the Air Ambulance to come and speak to the APA. The Clerk to request.

627. Finance report – Mrs. Grocott, RFO
a) Statement of Accounts – Payments for approval

The above payments were approved by the Council.
Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 22 March 2018

628. Finance report continued
b) VAT Reclaim 2017-18 has been submitted for £111.71.
c) Moore Stephens have been appointed as External Auditor.
d) The y/e accounts for the parish will be completed for the Internal Audit.

629. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) – Implementation 25 May 2018
The Clerk has prepared a Privacy Notice, Subject Access, Draft Data Protection Policy, a List of Personal Data and NALC guidelines Legal Topic Note 40 Retention of Documents required for the audit of Parish Councils. Further work will need to be done when we become aware of the Governments final guidelines for Smaller Councils.

630. Planning Report – Mrs Hart – Councils response to the applications: –
SDNP/17/06395/FUL & SDNP/17/06396/LIS
Mr Mark Bilsland of Padwicks Farm requests permission for a barn extension and change the use to a holiday let. Approved
Mr & Mrs Brian Marien request permission to build a single storey rear garden room extension, and a first-floor side extension together with associated alterations.

631. Lottery Application for Community Use Defibrillator in Telephone Kiosk in Bepton Road. The National Lottery Awards for All application to provide funding for the project has been re submitted. The first application was incomplete. Indications are that the Council should know before the Annual Parish Assembly whether it has been successful or not. Thanks, were expressed to John Beckett for his efforts in resubmitting the application. The notice in the telephone box showing the expected date of expected installation will be changed. It was also suggested that the notice should include the nearest place where a defibrillator is available.

632. Application to deregister part of Midhurst Common CL169 – Old Midhurst brickworks
This was considered in November 2017. The determination of this application should be based on whether a mistake was made. Whether the building was mistakenly registered as common land under schedule 2 para.6 of the Common Land Act 2006? If so, should the mistake be rectified by cancelling the registration? This is a question of fact and law and it is therefore for the lawyers.

633. Highways & Byways & Environment
a) WSCC Public Rights of Way (PRoW) management. WSCC visits the parish on a 15 month cycle as part of its inspection and maintenance programme of PRoW. The report for period 01/01/17-31/12/17 included works to bridge, signage, surface vegetation clearance, fallen tree, Bridleway gate and vegetation clearance on Bridleway. WSCC will continue its summer surface vegetation clearance programme in 2018 on Bridleway 3359 and footpath 2956.
b) WSCC Highways carried out urgent carriage way defects on Severals Road in March.
c) Midhurst Area Cycling meeting 21 March – Discussions included improvements of Half Moon Crossing, Centurion Way – tunnels and bats, Rother Valley Greenway (Petersfield to Midhurst) railway route project.

634. Future meetings
a) CDC All Parishes Meeting Monday 30 April 2018 – Buffet 6pm Start 7pm

635. Date of next meeting – Annual Statutory Meeting, 24 May 6-7pm
Lower Barn, Park House Hotel – Annual Parish Assembly, 24 May 7.30-9pm

Chairman: …………………………………. Date: ……………………