23 Jul 15 Minutes of Meeting


hairman: Mr. Howard Ewing
Clerk: Mrs. Lorraine Grocott, BEM
23 West Meade, Milland, Nr Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7NB
Tel 01428 741393… Email: postmaster@milland-wsc-pc.gov.uk

Thursday 23 July 2015 at the Park House Hotel, Bepton

Present: Mr H Ewing (Chairman), Mrs R Hart, Mrs L Milner, Mrs H Hollowood, Mr G Ryan
Cllr. Gordon McAra (County Councillor)
Cllr. Caroline Neville (District Councillor)

410. Apologies – Mrs H Hollowood, Mrs C Bower

411. Declaration of Interests of Members on Agenda – There were none.

412. Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly 21 May 2015 were agreed and signed.
Minutes of the Annual Statutory Meeting 21 May 2015 were agreed and signed.

413. Reports from the County and District Councillors

a) Report from Cllr McAra, County Councillor
• Members Big Society has £50K for grant funding available for local community bodies.
• The Local Government Boundary Commission Electoral Review won’t affect this area.
• WSCC are also starting the electoral divisions review. The Commission is minded that 70 county councillors should be elected to West Sussex County Council in future. This will mean an increase in population representation for county councillors from 1800 to 2500.
• The Chancellor announced further cuts for public expenditure in the recent budget. The amount of grant to the County was reduced 4 years ago by £20 billion and this cut has meant a further reduction of £7 billion to local government.
• The verges at Bepton Road outside the allotments. Money has been found in the Midhurst TC account to pay for this work. There will be further discussion between the Cowdray Estate and Highways as to what will be needed. HE was asked to lead this discussion.
• Cowdray had cleared the ditch at Bugshill Lane/Church Lane. WSCC was going to upgrade the culverts at Bugshill .
• HE thanked Cllr McAra for his help in resolving a transport problem for a local lady and her daughter to catch the local bus to school.

The Chairman congratulated Cllr Neville on her election as District Councillor and welcomed her to the Bepton Parish Council meeting.

He had Emailed Cllr Neville with outline information as follows:
• The main issue for Bepton and the DC is planning and individual applications. A planning inspector, in considering an appeal about net additional housing in Severals Road, described Bepton as an unsustainable village not suitable for any net additional housing.
• The council is concerned about the move to paperless applications because of the difficulty to view the applications. Bepton has a very slow broadband.
• The parish is concerned about the WSCC/SDNP Minerals Plan in nearby Severals.

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 23 July 2015

b) Report from District Councillor, Caroline Neville
Cllr Neville thanked the Chairman for her welcome. She looked forward to serving the council.
• New Councillors had been on a guided tour of the northern Chichester area.
• HE provided an update on the proposed sand mining sites at Severals. The Cowdray Estate had not promoted these sites. The next stage would be dependent on the survey results. Government requires each upper tier local authority to make provision for aggregates over a plan period of 20-30 years. One argument is that extracting aggregates for building works in the local area is environmentally friendly. It is understood that the local sand is only suitable for building. Should the survey results indicate a major source of aggregate on Cowdray land the Estate will then make a decision whether to promote mining or not.
• As a result of power cuts during the winter season Southern Electric Power Distribution (SEPD) are offering grants for extra support for the old, and those with young children in the area..
• The Sussex National Health Trust. Foundation Trusts have a statutory responsibility to recruit members to the Trust from the public and patients within their catchment areas. The Forum gives members a voice in the provision and development of their hospital services.
For further information contact http://www.westernsussexhospitals.nhs.uk
• The Archaeology Officer for National Parks has been flying over the area to survey sites.
• There will be a special exhibition at the Novium, Chichester for Admiral George Murray, Admiral Nelson’s right hand man.
• Broadband – BT are currently behind target mainly due to engineering difficulties. Bepton has gone back into the County’s scheme which most probably will not include the whole parish.

414. Matters arising
Item 421a) Bepton Sign on Several Green – Mr. Ryan suggest that the idea be revisited. The clerk was asked to provide the details and drawing of the Heritage sign drawn up in 2011.

415. Chairman items
a) The introduction of the Transparency Code for Smaller Councils has increased the Administrative burden to Parish Councils. It was agreed that a letter to Rt. Hon Greg Clark MP Sec of State for the Dept. of Communities and Local Government be sent expressing concern about the unintended consequences of a well-meaning code. Whilst the council is in favour of these regulations the extra work is out of proportionate to the size of the council.
b) Clerk’s British Empire Medal (BEM) – The Chairman and Councillors congratulated Mrs Lorraine Grocott, on the award by the Queen in her 2015 Birthday Honours of the British Empire Medal. Lorraine’s honour was for services to the community of Milland.
c) Website review and update – A number of items including the Freedom of Information have been updated on the website.
d) SDNPA – Ballot Paper – Appointment of Parish Members – The council voted for David Burden and Roger Lovett. It is understood David Burden was unsuccessful.

416. COUNCIL REPORTS – Finance
a) Following the requirements of the Transparency Code (Item 415a) the final accounts for y/e 2014-16, all payments above £100, along with the Annual Return, the Statement of Governance, the Internal Auditors report, the minutes of the APA and ASM have been placed on the website and on the notice boards.
b) Since 1 October 2012, new pensions legislation requires that all UK employers must have in place a workplace pension scheme which meets the minimum qualifying requirements. The clerk has now enrolled with The Pensions Regulator. The Council has set aside a regular amount each year for the clerk and this agreement was made before Pension changes came into effect. These changes are unlikely to affect the council or the clerk.

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 23 July 2015
416 – Finance continued
d) Request for donation to mirror at The Old Rectory to improve vision for churchgoers, and others. The Cowdray Estate has given permission for the mirror to be erected on their land. Mr Ryan declared an interest. The quote for the mirror is around £200. The council agreed to make a contribution.

417. Planning report –Council’s response to applications

418. Highways/Rights of Way (RoW)
a) UK Cycling Event – In June, there was a cycling accident involving a local resident at Bell Lane.
The event involved up to 1,000 cyclists. Correspondence between WSCC and the council ensued. The organisers don’t have to notify Highways or the police unless the event is a race. This was not a race. WSCC had no record of being notified. There is little that can be done as these events are not covered by legislation. The local resident had complained to the organisers.
Prior notice of this kind of event through the parish would be appreciated.
b) Centurian Way Project Update – The project is to improve access into the South Downs National Park by upgrading a portion of the Centurion Way and re-aligning the route along the former Chichester to Midhurst railway line between Binderton and West Dean. Project funding was secured from the DofT Cycling Ambition (formerly Cycling in National Parks) The route will be a permissive path (not a Public Right of Way) by kind consent of the landowner The Edward James Foundation (EJF – West Dean Estate). The build programme of 10-12 weeks is due to conclude in August/ September.

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 23 July 2015

c) Severals Green – The mowing of the Green continues to be problematic because of the uncertainty of the Highways contract mowing time. The council is liaising with Highways but in the meantime it is likely that Bepton council will arrange for the area to be cut and cleared. The trees will be crown lifted in August.
d) Allotment verge on Bepton Road – The Chairman had met on site with the County Councillor and WSCC Highways Engineer. WSCC will assess the feasibility of kerbing the highway to protect it from further erosion and to protect the footpath. This will include assessing the drainage. Designated space for parking by tarmac-ing or similar will also considered. If the kerbing is feasible, they will draw up a specification and plan for discussion and approval with the Cowdray Estate.

419. Other organisations
a) WSP&T – Planning Session 8.10.15 – Mrs Hart. Mr Ryan to advise his interest in attending.
b) Date for Diary – CDC meeting between members of CDC and Parish Councils, 30.9.15.

Date of next meeting – The Lower Barn, The Park Hotel, Bepton on 24 September 2015

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