24 Jan 19 Minutes of Meeting

Chairman: Mr. Howard Ewing
Clerk: Mrs. Lorraine Grocott, BEM, BA Hons (Local Policy)
23 West Meade, Milland, Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7NB
Tel 01428 741393… Email: postmaster@milland-wsc-pc.gov.uk
Website – http://www.bepton.org
Thursday 24 January 2019 at The Park Hotel, Bepton
Present: Mr H Ewing (in the Chair), Mrs R Hart, Mr J Beckett, Mrs L Milner,
Mrs C Bower, Dr J Wilkinson, Cllr K O’Kelly (County Councillor).
Eleven Members of the Public (Latest Sand Mining proposals)
688. Apologies – Mrs A Cunningham, Cllr C Neville, District Councillor
689. Declaration of Interests of Members on Agenda – There were none.
690. Minutes of the Meeting 22 November 2018 were agreed and signed.
691. Report from the County Councillor – Cllr Kate O’Kelly

Soft Sand -WSCC have opened their issues and options consultation on their soft sand review.
Dates of consultation – Monday 21 January to Monday 18 March 2019, to enable all interested parties to
comment on potential approaches to maintaining a steady and adequate supply of soft sand. 4 of the nine sites
are in the Midhurst division. She has asked for a meeting with the Planning and Infrastructure Team for a
briefing and for an opportunity to express the views of the different parishes.
A27 – Highways England (HE) have rejected the application to upgrade the A27 in the next round of funding.
Both options, the mitigated Northern bypass and Southern option have been deemed unworkable. HE has said
the Northern option would be against the National Planning policy – unlikely to get approval. Estimated cost of
the Northern route would be £480million. Mitigated Southern option – HE has said it is not technically
buildable, with challenging construction, and significant cost implications – estimated at £500 million. Both
options deemed not to deliver value for money. MP and leaders of both councils are meeting with the Secretary
of State on 25th Jan to chart a way forward.
Bus Update – Threat to reduction to bus routes and services across the County. Cabinet member has made his
decision, £300k cut from the subsidized bus routes. Subject to the budget being adopted in Feb 2019. Bus
operators have been informed – routes affected will be disclosed in February. She has asked to stay on the
member group looking to find innovative solutions / partnerships for routes affected. The next local cross parish
group meeting is on March 12th in Compton.
Budget – WSCC budget has been published and will be debated in Full Council on February 15th. Proposal is to
increase the WSCC precept by 4.99%, including 2% ring fenced for social care.
Health and Adult Social Care Select committee – Scrutinised SECAMB – Trust rating across all services – 4/5
areas including safety, effective, responsive and well-led all requiring improvement. Rated good on caring.
Issues have been raised locally concerning v poor response times particularly in rural areas. Presented CCG
wide data – this was not good enough – provided with average response times, quicker response times in urban
areas obscure what we suspect which is very poor response times in rural areas. Average SECAMB data –C1
7.11, (7), C2 19.24 (18), C3 3.13 (2hours) C4 4.12 (3 Hours) – C3 and C4 times well below the national
average. The Committee have requested to see the data broken down locally – essential that the public can see
this transparently only then will it be clear that more resource is required. Cross – border issues – I raised the
issue of next-door Trust in Hampshire whether possible to help out if an ambulance is near over the border.
Already happens for Cat 1 but not for any other of the categories. Request that they consider this.
Kate’s Drop In
Midhurst – The Grange – 28th Feb 10.30-12.30
Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting, 24 January 2019
692. Report from the District Councillor – Cllr Caroline Neville
Confidential advice is available for people with alcohol problems. alcoholdrinkcoach.org.uk,
http://drinkcoach.org.uk/. A two minutes online test is available at http://dontbottleitup.org.uk/>
Free NHS health checks are available for 40-74-year-old people. Ask at your Doctors surgery.
Discussions again as to whether there is any help Highways England would give to improve the A27.
There will be a council tax increase of £5 based on Band D properties.
This will increase the CDC funds by £262K. Hopefully there will be no more cuts to services.
Chichester District Council is being trialed as the first council to retain 75% of the business rates. This will
provide a much-needed extra fund for the district council rather than the rates going to central government.
There has been a saving of £102 following the move to the new waste contract site at Ford. This is good news
following WSCC decision to take away waste and recycling credits.
The Chief of Police has advised that the police have arrested the ringleader of car break-in gang. Hopefully this
will reduce/stop car thefts for the time being. Police numbers have been increased by 5 officers.
For a small donation, Lodsworth Local Care will do training sessions for First Responders.
CDC is looking to find way to encourage business as well as households to stop single use plastics.
The pre ap has now been updated for the the Grange development site. SDNPA have not objected to a Care
Home but have objected to the size, design etc. and have added conditions.
693. Public Participation – Soft sand extraction on Several East and West – Consultation
The consultation is calling for views on possible approaches and sites for the supply of soft sand.
West Sussex County Council (WSCC) and the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) are
seeking views on three key issues: the amount of soft sand that needs to be planned for, strategy
options for soft sand supply and potential sites. Potential sites include the Severals East and Severals
West. This sand extraction will have a major amenity effect on Bepton.
Cowdray Estate has claimed they could provide ’positive social economic and environmental
benefits’ after restoration of the land. The estate owns two (East and West Severals) of the nine sites
proposed in new options for the SDNP and WSCC joint minerals Local Plan (JMLP). Both sites
appeared in the original draft of the JMLP. These sites were put aside in 2016 when the SDNP
decided not to allocate any sites in the park. However, they have been forced to reconsider after the
government planning inspector who examined the plan ordered a review of the soft sand policy.
The Chief Executive of the Cowdray Estate, Jonathan Russell, has advised that it has partnered with
Raymond Brown Quarry Products Ltd, a company that had demonstrated a record of both proactive
engagement with the community and responsibility and respect for the environment.
The Chairman said that Bepton is on a belt of soft sand which is the largest in West Sussex. Bepton
had objected to the previous application and would object again for reasons including the fact that
sand extraction on this scale would have a serious detrimental impact on the environment, the natural
habitat and the lives of people in Bepton, particularly on the Severals Road. The South Downs
National Park has a statutory duty ‘to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural
heritage of the area’. Sand extraction in the Severals would fly in the face of that and destroy an area
much loved for its tranquility and many footpaths.
A number of concerns were expressed by members of the public attending the meeting, all of whom
were opposed to the sand quarries at the Severals. In addition to the points the Chairman made, they
included the impact heavy sand lorries and their movements would cause in the locality and the
problem of access to the A272; the effects of pollution, noise and dust; and the impact on the amenity
of the owners of Severals House as well as those who lived in Severals Road and nearby. The
Council were asked to oppose the proposals vigorously.
The Council will be distributing a Newsletter which will provide information to the local community.
Further information can be seen on the Council website – http://www.bepton.org.
The consultation which will run until 18 March, can be found online at
http://www.westsussex.gov.uk/mwdf. Comments can be submitted online via the consultation hub –
https://haveyoursay.westsussex.gov.uk. Response forms are also available at the Midhurst library,
and at the SDNPA office in Midhurst.
694. Chairman’s Items
a) Speaker for Annual Parish Assembly on 23 May. Suggest asking someone from Midhurst Vision.
b) Concern had been expressed about parts of a hedgerow at Church Farm being cut down. This was
raised with the Cowdray Estate who had confirmed that what had been removed was primarily
overgrown bramble and the gaps would now be planted up with hedging plants so that a continuous
hedge would run along the boundary. Cowdray had also provided a photographic schedule of the
Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting, 24 January 2019
695. Finance report – Mrs Grocott, RFO
a) Statement of Accounts – Payments for approval
BEPTON PARISH COUNCIL Statement January 2019 Nat West – Sort Code 61-14-22
Balance brought forward 26.11.18 10163.34
Receipts 22.11.18 – 24.1.19 Big Lottery Fund 3165.00
Payments 22.11.18-24.1.19 Details Gross VouNo Vat Net Power
03-Jan SLCC Subscription 2019 52.00 OL96 P 52.00 LGA72
18-Jan ICO Data Protection 35.00 DD P 35.00 LGA72
21-Jan L Grocott Sal£213.45E£36.66 207.31 OL97 P 207.31 LGA72
HMRC PAYE 42.80 OL98 P 42.80 LGA72
21-Jan Bepton Hotels Room hire 35.00 OL99 P 5.83 29.17 LGA72
H Ewing Bepton website reimburse 14.42 OL100 P 14.42 LGA72
Bepton PCC Donation 18-19 750.00 OL101 P 750.00 Sec 137
Rother Valley Toge Donation 18-19 125.00 OL102 P 125.00 Sec 137
Citizens Advice Bur Donation 18-19 50.00 OL103 P 50.00 Sec 137
Midhurst Com Bus Donation 18-19 50.00 OL104 P 50.00 Sec 137
Samaritans Donation 18-19 50.00 OL105 P 50.00 Sec 137
WRVS (mealsonwh Donation 18-19 30.00 OL106 P 30.00 Sec 137
Midhurst AreaCycl Donation 18-19 50.00 OL107 P 50.00 Sec 137
Mid&DistrtSwimg Donation 18-19 50.00 -1541.53 OL108 P 50.00 Sec 137
Balance 24.1.19 11786.81 5.83 1535.70
Less Lottery Fund Grant -3165.00
Less Gratuity Fund -937.91
Available funds 7683.90
Note: PC paid Madhurst Grant in June 18 – £50
Outset Youth Action removed from Grants – £35
Less: Clerks Gratuity Fund £937.91
The above payments were approved by the Council.
b) Review of the Clerk’s Salary – Following a review by LM and RH a new Contract was
presented to the Clerk for her consideration and signature. Her new rate is SCP 19 = £12.89 per hour
from 1 April 2019. Salary £1474.61pa and Expenses £220 = Total £1,694.61. The Clerk subsequently
signed the document.
696. Planning Report – Mrs Hart
Wand Estates Ltd requests permission to change of use of The Bluebell public house to provide 2
dwelling houses. Withdrawn.
Mr T Ellert of Bepton Common requests permission to build a new two storey rear extension and
single front porch, to remove single storey utility room and alterations to windows, doors and roof.
Mr Joel Benton of Oakwood House, Severals Road requests permission to build an outdoor swimming
pool. Permit.
Mr & Mrs Keyes of Hopkiln Cottage, Bugshill Lane request permission for a Non-Material
amendment to planning permission SDNP/14/02424/FUL to change the timber cladding on the
southern gable of the barn from vertical to horizontal. Permit.
Mr A Sadler of Stickledown, Severals Road requests permission to build a replacement garage/
workshop with associated parking and landscaping. An extension of time to 25 January has
been approved. Await decision.
Mr T Ellert of Bepton Common requests permission to build a two-storey rear extension with
associated roof works, to demolish the existing front utility room and erect a front porch as well as
various alterations and additions including changes to fenestration. Await decision.
Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting, 24 January 2019
Mr & Mrs Keyes of Hopkiln Cottage, Bugshill Lane request an amendment to planning permission
SDNP/14/02424/FUL to change the plans and elevations of the detached garage as a result of a
change of access position. Await decision.
Cowdray Estates requests an existing lawful development certificate to regularise the construction of
existing track at Church Farm, Bugshill Lane completed more than four years ago. Await decision.
697. Parish Council Elections – 2 May 2019
Nominations Papers are due to be received in March and will be available from the Chairman.
Councillors were asked to consider whether they will be standing as Councillors for the 4-year term of
office. If Councillors decide not to stand again it would be helpful if they could let the Clerk know
and indicate possible people to represent their area.
698. Community Use Defibrillator – Lottery Application
Mr Beckett advised that the Council had been successful in its lottery application and has received the
sum of £3165 for the project. Renovation of the telephone box will start in March. Once the order for
the defibrillator kit is placed it will take about six-weeks to receive.
699. Highways & Byways & Environment
a) Winter Emergency Plan – This has been completed. There is a copy on the website. Mr
Beckett will take on the responsibility for the Plan. In the event of snow conditions which the County
decide needs to be cleared, ACS the local contractor for the snow ploughing will grit the road up to
the T Junction. Should the Council feel the roads need clearing outside the WSCC direction it will be
an arrangement between ACS and the Council who will have to pay for the extra work.
b) Rights of Way Inspection and Maintenance – This is being carried out in the spring with the
work being programmed for December 2019.
c) Cowdray Estate – Recent roadside tree safety surveys have identified several trees in poor
condition along some of the road edges in the Parish. Most of these trees are ash, suffering from ash
dieback. The main area of work is in the woodland strip opposite Henchers Cottage on Bepton Road.
All the ash and several oaks in severe decline will be removed. Following on from this they will be
removing a very large multi stemmed group of ash on the bank above Bugshill Lane. Traffic
management will be in place during these works and several different machines will be used to
undertake the work in the most safe and effective manner. Disruption will be kept to a minimum.
Some of the work will look quite severe but they will look to make good as soon as possible and will
look to plant some replacement trees in parts of the worksite in the following weeks.
700. Other organisations –
a) Midhurst Area Cycling meeting 27 February at the Grange Centre.
b) WSCC County Local Committee meeting 5 March 2019 @ 7pm Northchapel Village Hall.
701. Date of next meeting – 7pm – Thursday 21 March 2019 The Park House Hotel.
Chairman: …………………………………. Date: ……………………