26 Nov 15 Minutes of Meeting


Chairman: Mr Howard Ewing
Clerk: Mrs Lorraine Grocott, BEM
23 West Meade, Milland, Nr Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7NB
Tel: 01428 741393..Email: postmaster@milland-wsx-pc.gov.uk
Website: http://www.bepton.org

Thursday 26 November 2015 at The Park House Hotel, Bepton

Present: Mr H Ewing (Chairman), Mrs R Hart, Mrs H Hollowood, Mr G Ryan, Mrs C Bower,
Cllr. Gordon McAra (County Councillor)
One Member of the Public – Mrs Alex Cunningham (prospective parish councillor)

429. Apologies – Mrs L Milner, Cllr. Caroline Neville (District Councillor)

430. Declaration of Interests of Members on Agenda – Precept donations.
Mrs R Hart – Donation to Outset Youth Action
Mr G Ryan – Donation to Parochial Church Council – Bepton

431. Minutes of the Meeting 24 September 2015 – were agreed as amended and signed.

432. Reports from County and District Councillors
a) County Councillor – Gordon McAra reported on the following:-
• Peter Lawrence has been appointed the principle Community Officer and has taken over from Dan Sanders and Fiona Baker. He is responsible for all of Chichester and Arun District. His assistant is Ross Shepherd.
• Allotment verge improvements – Unfortunately the S.106 money which could have been used to make the improvements to the allotment verge has now been frozen and won’t be unfrozen until the spring 2016. The future for this project is uncertain. Refer to Item 433 (c).
• Operation Watershed – The chairman provided the County Councillor with the final report of the works at Severals Road/The Warren. The newly found drain needs jetting and Highways have been asked to include it in the jetting programme.
• Broadband improvements – A new £225,000 pilot scheme to improve rural broadband in West Sussex was launched at a digital access summit in Midhurst in November. Unfortunately it was unlikely that Bepton Village would benefit from the new scheme as it doesn’t have access to broadband services.

b) District Councillor – Caroline Neville provided a written report on the following:-
• There will be charging points for electric vehicles in Midhurst and Petworth car parks. The District Council is going to start purchasing electric vans and cars instead of conventionally fuelled vehicles unless there are significant reasons why this is not appropriate for a particular use.
• The Citizens Advice Bureau and Relate are to be moved from their present location to East Pallant House and Market Road offices.
• Devolution is now being discussed in the District Council.
• Park and Ride for Christmas shopping in Chichester will start on Thursday 26 November.
Check the District Council website for further dates. The service will run every 15 minutes from 4.30pm until 8.30pm. It will then operate 8am – 6pm very Saturday, plus 21-24 December. On Sundays the shuttle will operate 9.30am-5.30pm.
• West Sussex Partnership Families Strategic Plan – The plan sets out how in Partnership with WSCC, there will be support to ensure every child in West Sussex experiences the best start in life, so that they are able to achieve their potential.

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 26 November 2015

433. Matters arising
a) Mirror at the road junction near Bepton Church. Mr Ryan had written to the Cowdray Estate asking for permission to erect the mirror and asking whether they would put it up for the church i.e. provide the labour. Cowdray Estate were sceptical. The parish council has agreed to make a contribution to the cost of the mirror £240. The church may pay for the erection i.e. concrete. Highways don’t support the erection of mirrors as drivers should drive more carefully.
b) Winter Emergency Plan – The Chairman advised the following:-
1. If the emergency arrangements are triggered by WSCC, Mr Tristan Parks (Agricultural Contracting Services (ACS)) will grit the roads according to the records held.
2. The PC may ask ACS to grit other roads in Bepton; but this would be at the PC’s expense unless covered by WSCC’s triggering emergency arrangements. If Bepton needs extra salt they will have to pay for it at a cost of £150 per 1 ton bag.
The Chairman has volunteered to arrange the emergency services this year. If any areas need salting please contact Howard Ewing. Payment will be on demand unless triggered by WSCC.
c) Allotment verge improvements on Bepton Road – The Chairman had obtained agreement to have the path kerbed. A specification would be drawn up by WSCC and the Cowdray Estate, however WSCC then advised that Cowdray needs to draw up the specification. The project has come to a halt because the S.106 funding held by Midhurst Town Council has now been frozen. Ref. Item 432 a).
Mr Ryan offered to write to the Area Manager, Highways.
d) The branches of trees on the Bepton Common side are coming quite close to the road. Mrs Milner contacted Highways who advised that it was the landowner’s responsibility. Mrs Milner would be asked to contact the Cowdray Estate Office to ask them to trim them back and to also trim back the branches on the Allotment side.

434. Casual Vacancy – Mrs Alex Cunningham attended the meeting with the intention of becoming a councillors for the parish. At the end of the meeting she was asked if she would like to be nominated to which she agreed. She was nominated by the Chairman and seconded by Mrs Hart. The Clerk was asked to provide the formal information i.e. Declaration of Acceptance of Office and the Register of Interests form for her to complete. She was welcomed onto the Council.

435. Council Reports
a) Finance report – The Clerk

These cheques were approved for payment.

Half year check on the accounts – Mr Buckler had undertaken the half year independent examination of the accounts. There was one incorrect payment to WSALC £76.36 instead of £67.36. Mrs Milner had reviewed the accounts.

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 26 November 2015

Precept Proposals for 2016-17 – The following precept was agreed.

b) Planning report – Mrs Hart provided a written report

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 26 November 2015

Planning report continued

There had been a campaign by the clerk of Lavant Parish Council for an extension of planning consultation time. Bepton PC are not unhappy with the current arrangements.

436. Environment/ Amenity matters
a) The Chairman has updated the Emergency Plan. Ref. Item 433 (b).
b) West Sussex Mineral Plan – WSCC and the SDNPA are working in partnership to prepare a new Joint Minerals Local Plan for West Sussex to replace the existing Minerals Local Plan (2003). The potential mineral sites published in the Mineral Sites Study Version 2 (March 2015) are undergoing more detailed technical assessments, looking at landscape, transport, flood risk, habitat and sustainability. This process helps to identify potential impacts and how they could be mitigated and, ultimately, whether there are any overriding issues that would make it unsuitable for mineral activities.

437. Highways and Byways
a) Ditch at Severals Road/The Warren – The ditch has now been cleared but the drain needs to be added to the jetting list. WSCC have been asked to include it in the jetting programme.
b) Allotment verge – Refer to Item 433 c)
c) Cutting back of overgrown trees on verge of Bepton Road – Refer to Item 433 (d)
d) SDNPA have produced a new guide “Roads in the South Downs”. ‘Enhancing the safety and quality of roads and places in the National Park.

438. County and District Organisation

439. Date of next meeting 21 January 2016


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The Minutes are unconfirmed until signed by the Chairman