26 Nov 20 Minutes of Meeting

Chairman: Mrs Rosalind Hart
Clerk: Mrs. Lorraine Grocott, BEM, BA Hons (Local Policy)
23 West Meade, Milland, Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7NB
Tel 01428 741393… Email: clerk.beptonparishcouncil@gmail.com
Website – http://www.bepton.org

Thursday 26 November 2020 held via Zoom

Present: Mrs R Hart (Chair), Mr J C Beaumont, Mr J Beckett, Mr D Hollowood,
Mr M Salmon, Mrs C Bower, Mrs L Sadler
Cllr Dr K O’Kelly (County Councillor)
Cllr Mrs J Fowler (District Councillor)

835. Apologies – There were no apologies

836. Declaration of Interests of Members – Item 9. Mrs L Sadler planning application.

837. Minutes of the Meeting 10 September 2020. Agreed. Mrs. Hart to sign and send to the Clerk.

838. Report from the District Councillor – Cllr Mrs Judy Fowler
1. Housing – Homemove, where you bid for social affordable rented homes, has a new website. Please access homemove@chichester.gov.uk and you will be transferred to the new site. Any problems contact jbrigden@chichester.gov.uk.
Chichester has been successful in obtaining £3,100,500 of Green Homes Grant funding. This targets homeowners on low incomes occupying properties with the lowest energy performance rates. This will complement existing grants for insulation, smart heating controls and several air source heat pumps. The aim is to move away from fossil fuel energy sources and focus on insulation and carbon technologies. The money needs to be spent by March 2021, first come first served. Contact 0800 0385737.
2. Covid – If you have tested positive for the virus and been told to isolate and are employed or self-employed you can claim financial support through the Test & Trace Support Scheme (£500 available). You must be unable to work because of being positive and you must be in receipt of benefits. Scheme will run until Jan 2021.
Contact http://www.chichester.gov.uk/testandtracepayments.
The Covid testing site is now operational in Northgate car park but you need to make an appointment. Likewise, for the site in Tangmere.
3. Business Recovery – Local Restrictions Support Grant
Local businesses that have had to close due to Covid restrictions can apply for a one-off grant from CDC. (Closure refers to the current lockdown 5/11-2/12).
The rates are – for businesses with a rateable value of £15k or less, grant is £1,334:
Over £15k but under £51k the grant is £2k; businesses with a rateable value above £51k grant is £3k. Pubs and restaurants that offer a takeaway service only are also eligible to apply. Apply to http://www.chichester.gov.uk/businessratesnovember2020 .
4. Retail Training Programme -There are some training sessions for online delivery for small retail outlets for pre-Xmas focus. There will be others held in Jan and Feb. All are designed to take Covid rules into consideration.
5. Housing & Employment Land Availability Assessment -Following the changes in Government legislation on planning, the above on CDC website sets out details of the potential suitability of land for development in the Chichester district (not including South Downs National Park). It will form part of the Chichester Local Plan. It is important to remember that planning permission is needed first for every site.
Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 26 November 2020
6. Sainsbury’s Local – Sainsbury’s opened their new premises on 11 November on the old Budgens site in Midhurst. The shop also operates a click-and-collect system, and this includes Argos orders. The jury is out on the layout of the shop, but the new broom is proving popular with shoppers.
7. Christmas – Sadly, the Midhurst Xmas street party due on Dec 4 has had to be cancelled, together with late shopping. However, CDC is very keen for everyone to support their local businesses and we hope residents will feel solidarity with the plight of the small retailers and shop locally. Midhurst Town Team have requested CDC to waive parking charges for December but to date no reply has been received.

839. Report from the County Councillor – Cllr Dr Kate O’Kelly
1. Covid – West Sussex to be put in tier 2.
2. Lockdown 2 -Community hub – continues to be first port of call for vulnerable residents and families. Telephone lines are open from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week. Clinically extremely vulnerable individuals, or their friends and family, are encouraged to contact the Community Hub or use the new online national registration service to identify any support they may require. They will be asked for their NHS number which can be found on any letter from the NHS, or on a prescription. The Community Hub will be able to help complete registration by phone and residents are encouraged to get in touch directly if they have an urgent need or have any questions. Find out more information on the Community Hub webpages. The Community Hub phone number is: 033 022 27980.
3. Covid cases and Track and Trace – Up to November 18, West Sussex average was 118.9/ 100,000 new cases in the last 7 days – Numbers not yet confirmed for the next few days show a downward trend.
4. Local Track and Trace response is starting today, November 26. Community hub will be the starting point for calls to anyone that the national track and trace system has failed to reach.
5. WSCC Budget -The County Council’s current budget gap for 2021/22 is £43.6million. This gap represents the difference between what funding the council expects to receive, versus what it expects to spend. To date the Council has identified £20.2m efficiencies and savings leaving a further £23.4m to find. WSCC have released cabinet papers on strategic decisions to fill their £23.4m budget gap for 2021/22. Options on the table include: –
• Charging for DIY waste presented at Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRS) and review of the HWRS network – possible closure or 2 or the 11 sites.
• Stopping funding disabled passengers and their carers bus travel during peak times
• Reduction in support for rural subsidised buses
• ending community highway schemes and reallocating the capital budget to highways maintenance.
No decisions have been made yet – budget and decisions re cuts will be made early in 2021.
6. MAC – Have applied for a County Highway scheme for the widening of the cycle way at its narrowest point near to the Woolbeding junction.
7. TRO – Severals Road – The County Councillor was pleased to advise that the Traffic Regulation Order for a change in the speed limit had been approved.
Q.1. When can Bepton expect the TRO to be installed?
A.1. Since the meeting, Highways have advised that it will be delivered as part of the 2021/22 programme (next financial year) subject to no objections being received within the consultation process which were to be subsequently upheld (unlikely).
Q.2. What is the possibility that Midhurst Amenity site could be one of the closures?
A.2. Currently unknown.
Q.3. When will be “Village Gates” be installed –
A.3. This was expected to take place during September, but the installation crew were called away due to Covid-19. A new programme is being drawn up and Bepton is first on the list.

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 26 November 2020

840. Chairman’s Items – Mrs Ros Hart

a) Midhurst Angels have reopened their phone line. There has not been as much use as in the first Lockdown.
b) SALC Chair Networking Forum via Zoom 6 November. The Chief Inspector Michael Hodder, of the Surrey and Sussex Roads Policing Unit reported on the reasons for deaths on the roads which included driver behaviour, alcohol, not using seatbelts, driving whilst on mobile phones, speed, driving without due care and attention. Police are benefiting from the use of technology to respond to these incidents.
c) Visit Chichester Briefing webinar 18 November – In the last 18 months they have been updating their website to make Sussex an even stronger tourist destination and to introduce The Great Sussex Way project. There is now information about Chichester Way, tourist paths. They are hoping to launch their new website as soon as Covid 19 allows.
d) Midhurst Vision are looking forward to promoting its Vision in early December. Please support these local business and retailers.
e) Sign damage – It has been noted by Cowdray that its hedging contractors have damaged several signs. They will be repaired/replaced as soon as possible.
f) WEST Sussex Transport Plan 2011-22 – Councillors had been consulted. Councillor’s responses were subjective, but it was agreed that Covid 19 had had a major effect on the economy and any response should reflect this. The consultation period for this document ends 17 December.

841. Finance report – Mrs Grocott, RFO

These payments were approved.

a) Bank Signatory at Nat West – Nat West appear to be trying to encourage its customers to move bank accounts. Mr Beaumont has offered to explore this option. The Clerk to contact SALC for their advice on suitable banks.
b) Zoom annual subscription £119pa – Currently the Council is using the free service provided by Zoom which provides 40 minutes sessions for free. The Council has at least four more meetings including the Annual Parish Assembly and the Annual Statutory Meeting in May. In view of the ongoing Covid situation it was felt this would be good value. Agreed.
The Clerk will arrange for this subscription payment. The account will be in the name of the Clerk using her email address. There was a question about data recording, ownership, and storage.
Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 26 November 2020

c) Precept proposals 2021-22 –

This Precept proposal was approved. The Clerk to advise CDC.

842. Planning Report – Mr. John Beckett

Metis Homes request permission to erect 75 homes with associated access, parking and landscaping following demolition of the existing buildings at Council Depot, Bepton Road, GU29 9QX – Application in progress
Mr & Mrs Milner request pre-planning advice on first floor and ground floor extension to Laurel Cottage, Bepton Road – Application in progress
Ms V Cox requests pre-planning advice on conversion of detached garage into a studio including changes to fenestration at Meadow View, Bepton Road. – Advice provided
SDNP/20/04602/HOUS, SDNP/20/04603/LIS
Cowdray Estate requests permission to demolish existing concrete garage and erection of replacement garage and alterations to existing dwelling including new French doors to rear.Application in progress
Mr & Mrs Sadler Request permission to carry out internal repairs to south west corner hip roof at Henchers Farm, Bepton Road. – Application in progress
The Cowdray Estate requests permission to refurbish and build single storey side and rear extensions to The Country Inn, Severals Road, Bepton. – 23/11/20 Discussions ongoing between planning and agent over plan amendments. – Application in Progress

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 26 November 2020
The Cowdray Estate requests permission to construct a new agricultural access track to Rectory Farm Dairy, Church Lane, Bepton.
23/11/20 Planning have requested more detailed information on crossover, visibility splays, track surface and alignment. – Application in Progress
Metis Homes request pre-planning to develop the Council Depot and Former Brickworks in Bepton Road. Development proposed would erect 72 dwellings with associated access, parking, and landscaping. Online docs updated 30 April 2020. Public consultation now closed and public feedback will be contained in a Statement of Community Involvement when final planning application is submitted. Pre app closed – Full application received

Minerals Plan, Soft Sand Review
Draft Soft Sand Review Plan has been published on WSCC website. Severals East and West are not included in the plan. The public consultation has now closed, and the plan has been submitted to the government to be tested for soundness and legal and procedural compliance. The public examination hearings took place 25th to 27th August and the Planning Inspector will now review the information presented. If considered sound the soft sand review would be adopted in December 2020 and incorporated into the Joint Minerals Local Plan.
Following the examination, the Inspector indicated that some modifications need to be made. There is no change to the proposed sites. The consultation period is from 9 November to 8 January 2021. After discussion, the Council agreed for Mrs Hart to submit its response.
The Country Inn
Bepton Parish Council have applied to CDC to have a TPO applied to the Beech tree situated in the garden of The Country Inn. This decision is being considered in association with Planning Application SDNP/20/03042/FUL
Half Timbers
A resident of Bepton has written to SDNP Planning raising concerns over the condition of Half Timbers, a Grade II listed property in Bepton which has been empty for over a year.
Half Timbers has been put on the market and is now showing as sold.
Breach of planning condition 4 at Hopkiln, Bugshill Lane. Wall to east of driveway built in incorrect position. Planning Enforcement resolving the matter.

b) Feedback from the SSALC planning meeting 8 October:
Changes proposed in the Government’s Planning White Paper:
The government believes that the existing planning system is responsible for poor supply of new homes and therefore intends to change the planning system to speed up the process. The intention is to make fundamental changes to development plans and apply statutory timescales for plan preparation. The need for a sustainability appraisal would be removed. Three categories of land would be defined in the plans, Growth Areas for substantial development, Renewal Areas suitable for development, and Protected Areas which would be subject to stringent controls. The development plan would give Growth and Renewal areas the presumption in favour of development. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) would be the primary source of planning policy.
Concerns raised by the White Paper:
Is the planning system the primary delay to house building?
Insufficient details to justify sweeping improvement claims.
Time limit on Local Plan generation could lead to poor plans.
Reduces countryside protection. No clarity of scope and power of neighbourhood plans.
Role of town and parish council unclear, one mention of town councils, parish councils not mentioned.
White Paper appears to reduce democratic accountability, community, and individual participation.
Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 26 November 2020

843. Website review – Mr James Beaumont
A new library is being created on WordPress which will include a collection of photographs of the area. Mr Hollowood offered to help with this project. He also asked the source of the logo. Mr Beaumont has been working on several changes including reformatting some files. The upgrade of the website will be paid for with the balance of the CIL money, a sum of £395, held by the Council. The South Downs National Park Authority have approved the use of this money for this project.

844. Broadband update – Mr Duncan Hollowood
Bepton Parish Council have been working with Openreach to bring fibre broadband to Bepton.
The process for the southern area of Bepton (circa 50 properties) is well underway, a contract with Openreach is signed, and we expect completion by the end of 2021.
We are now planning for the north end of Bepton. Initially the list of properties included only those in Bepton itself, but this has now been extended to include several nearby properties from the Midhurst, Woolbeding and Stedham parishes. As a result, the north Bepton plan is targeted to deliver fibre to circa 113 properties.
Responses from residents have been supportive and consequently we have asked Openreach for a formal quote for the work. As per the south Bepton plan, we are confident that the work can be done without cost to residents.
For any queries please email Duncan Hollowood on BRDH.BPC@gmail.com

845. Newsletter – Mrs Carey Bower
In preparation for the next newsletter items suggest information on the TRO, the village gates, the census for 2021, the Winter Resilience Plan which includes contracts in an emergency.

846. St Mary’s Church Guide & History leaflet update – The project is progressing.

847. Winter Resilience Plan 2020/21 – The Plan has been updated and submitted to WSCC. ACS Ltd have provided their insurance document. The information on the last page includes a reminder about the defibrillator by The Country Inn, contact number for Highways, Electric, Radio stations. Please see the website Bepton.org for more information.

848. PCSO – Angelika. Morge can be contacted on email Angelika.Morge@sussex.pnn.police.uk

849. SALC – Webinar – Data Protection 13 October – Mr Beaumont and the Clerk viewed.
Councillors were sent brief notes on the meeting.
For the Clerk this was an update of a training session in September 2018. To meet the regulations, a Data Protection document was produced and is held on file.
The Webinar focused on Personal Data and how we can use it. The six Principles are: 1) collecting information for a specific use; 2) the data is adequate and relevant for the job; 3) the data is accurate and systems in place to keep it current; 4) retain data for no longer than is necessary; 5) present everything in a way that will maintain security; 6) being fair and lawful; (7) Overriding principle that with every step there is accountability.
Specific documents for the councillors include 1) Consent to summon councillors to attend meeting by email; 2) Consent to hold councillors Contact information.
If councillors acquire contact information from residents for a specific reason it can only be used for that reason i.e. Broadband, village gates survey. If the Council wishes to use residents email addresses for other information, i.e. newsletter, it must request their formal consent.

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 26 November 2020

850. Environment matters/ Highways matters/ Rights of Way
a) Midhurst Area Cycling meeting – Mr Salmon reported that the group are working with SDNP, local parishes and Sustrans and there are number of projects in the pipeline. The biggest project is to reopen the railway line – Rother Valley Way which is an exciting project. The main problem continues to be the tunnel under Cocking hill where the bats have taken up residence. They are working to improve the safety of the cycle route on the A272. There is also a Midhurst Green Way project to make cycling around Midhurst more accessible.

b) A new initiative “Don’t lose your Way”. Over the next three years, residents in the UK are being asked to nominate rights of way that have fallen into disuse. Documentary and photographic evidence is needed so that these rights can be recorded on the official map.

848. Other meetings
a) WSALC – AGM 2 December, subsequently cancelled.
b) SDNPA – Workshop 2 December, RH/JCB
c) CDC – All Parishes meeting 8 December

849. Date of next meeting 28 January 2020 which will be via Zoom.
If the public would like to be present would they please contact the Clerk in advance.

Chairman: …………………………………..
These Minutes are unconfirmed until signed by the chairman