27 Mar 14 Minutes of Meeting


Chairman: Mr. Howard Ewing
Clerk: Mrs. Lorraine Grocott BA (Hons): Local Policy
23 West Meade, Milland, Nr Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7NB
Tel 01428 741393… Email: postmaster@milland-wsc-pc.gov.uk

Thursday 27 March 2014 at The Park House Hotel, Bepton

Present: Mr H Ewing (Chairman), Mr M Balmforth (Vice-Chairman), Mrs R Hart,
Mr G Ryan, Mrs C Bower, Mrs H Hollowood, Mrs S Fay
Cllr. Gordon McAra (County Councillor)

314. Apologies: Cllr John Cherry, District Councillor.
315. Declaration of Interests of Members on Agenda: There were none.
316. Minutes of the Meeting 23 January 2014 were agreed and signed as amended.
317. Public Participation: There was none.

318. Report from Cllr McAra, County Councillor –
a) Operation Watershed Fund is likely to be reopened in April 2014. He encouraged the council to apply for any Highways matters that need attention.
b) The Grange is now open. The Library will open on 31 March. Waitrose supermarket group are interested in developing the old site.
c) The TRO for Severals Road is on the list but programming the work will take time. Highways are looking at streamlining the system.
d) Broadband in the country – BT is saying that it is not commercially viable in the countryside. Cllr McAra is very concerned as the Council has put £20m into the project and central government has also provided funding to help BT address places which are not commercially viable. The Chairman commented that the WSCC website is telling Bepton residents that Hi speed fibre optics is coming to their addresses soon.
e) County CLC Initiative Fund has given out grants including a grant to Trotton PC to help with new software for planning applications.
f) County Council and SDNPA are restarting Sunday bus services from Midhurst for a one year experimental period from 4 May.
g) Big Society Grants from 1st April – £300K in available funds. Get in early.

319. Matters arising –
a) The Chairman has put a link on the website to Dark Skies.
b) The Newsletter has been distributed in the parish.
c) Mr Balmforth will seek permission to store the grit bags at Church Farm.

320. Chairman items –
The Chairman had emailed Dan Sanders, the Community Officer at Highways regarding a number of local Highways issues along with photographs. Mr Sanders will arrange for a Highways Engineer to visit the parish. Mr Ewing will arrange to be there for the visit. Particular concern is for water flowing down Bugshill Lane which causes flooding at the Old Rectory.
Severals Road – The gully at the end of Severals Road was cleaned out but the silt has not been removed so the result was not satisfactory. The potholes have been filled.
Warren Cottage – The people nearby put in a hedge and this has covered up and blocked the ditch which causes flooding. A check is needed on the drainage by Tyelands.
New Barn Lane – The residents would like to see the potholes filled.

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 27 March 2014

SLOW markings on the tarmac by Frogmore have been covered up by the contractors following the works on the footpath. The County Council have asked the engineers to move the sign around 50m towards Midhurst. Currently it is in the wrong position.
Footpath by the allotments on the Bepton Road is a mess. Cars drive along the footpath making it worse and also straight off the road damaging both the road and the verge. Midhurst Town Council do not seem interested.

321. COUNCIL REPORTS – Finance

The above payments were approved by the council.
a) There was an overpayment to the Clerk and this has been adjusted in the final payment.
b) The Clerks Contract has been reviewed. It was agreed and signed.
c) The y/e accounts will now be prepared for independent examination by Mr Buckler .

322. Planning report – Mrs Hart – Councils response to applications

SDNP/13/05713/HOUS – 1 Pinehurst Cottages, Severals Road
Mr. D Wethered of 1 Pinehurst Cottages, Severals Road requests retrospective permission to erect a single storey rear/side extension with a pitched roof. Letter of no objection sent. Approved.
SDNP/13/05933/HOUS – Philomel Bepton Road Bepton
Mr. C Renninson of Philomel, Bepton Road requests permission for a new detached garage and retrospective permission for conversion of recently approved attached garage into additional accommodation, application ref BP/12/01339/DOMNP. Letter of objection sent regarding the building of a new detached garage (on the grounds that its location would adversely affect the street scene) but no objection to the retrospective application ref BP/12/01339/DOMNP. Application withdrawn.
SDNP/13/05737/TCA – Orchard House, Bepton
Ms Vokos of Orchard House requests permission to carry out tree works to two copper beech and one eucalyptus, and one laurel hedge. Letter of no objection sent. No objection raised.
SDNP/13/05428/HOUS – Beech Cottage, Bepton
Dr Saayman of Beech Cottage, Bepton is wanting permission to rebuild and extend the existing garage with ancillary habitable space. Letter of no objection sent. Approved.

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 27 March 2014

SDNPA Local Plan Options Consultation & Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
I attended a meeting about this on 12 March in Petworth.
This Local Plan will replace existing Local Plans and Core Strategies across the NP, providing one set of planning polices for the whole Park. It will be used to plan strategically for development in the South Downs National Park and to determine planning applications which are submitted in the NP for the next 15 years. The document sets out statements on what the NP proposes across a number of headings including housing (although there are no figures for new home building), tourism and the economy, transport and community issues.
Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) enables the NPA to set a levy on new development which is used to contribute to the costs of community infrastructure such as roads, schools and parks. The NPA is proposing £150/sqm for the Midhurst residential area.
The deadline for this consultation period is 30 April. According to its timetable, the NPA plans to submit its Local Plan to the Secretary of State in June 2016 with a view to being adopted by June 2017 – approx three years behind the CDC.
HE/RH will respond online to the South Downs Local Plan
Electronic consultation on planning applications
As reported in July last year, the CDC is doing away with paper hard copies and it will be the responsibility of the individual parish councils to decide how they will ‘embrace’ this change. This change was due to be brought in April 2014 but, due to technical problems, the CDC has delayed this until June of this year. They are working closely with the NPA to ensure that implementation of this initiative accords with them as well. The training dates are now likely to be early June rather than early May with a go live date sometime in the month of June and this will take the form of a presentation of the possibilities as opposed to a real hands-on session.

323. Highways/Rights of Way
The footpath works on the Bepton had provided the council with a ‘windfall’. The council will have quite a high amount in reserve and the Chairman asked whether there was any work the councillors would like to see done with this money. The guidelines for a Council’s Reserve are that they hold half their precept in reserve. Ideas expressed include 1) the money is used in order to maintain the footpath and to keep it clear; 2) upkeep of the village green and possibly import soil to raise and level the surface. The Council would discuss this after the accounts were finalised.
Mr Balmforth agreed to contact Chris Clayton to discuss his regime for cutting the grass bearing in mind the Highways responsibility of a certain number of cuts per year.
There were reports of misuse by motorbikes on Midhurst Common. Footpaths are blocked by fallen trees and Mrs Fay was asked to ascertain with the Cowdray Estate the ownership of the land. Mrs Fay has since established the area known as The Warren, still belongs to All Soul’s College, Oxford.

324. Environment
Pond Wardens and interest in Pond Training – Funding is available through Sussex Wildlife Trust – Mr Balmforth agreed to review the training programme and if though to be of value to the owners of the ponds in the parish it could be considered for inclusion on the website and in the next newsletter.
Drains and ditches clearance – SF to identify the gullies that are blocked so they can be referred to Highways to be included into their gully clearance programme. Mr Balmforth will contact Dan Sanders Community Officer at Highways regarding their map which identifies the ditch sites they clear and also to ask them when they last did this. Mrs Fay to search for drains which might be the responsibility of adjacent landowners.

325. District /County Organisations
CDC – All Parishes meeting – Thursday 1 May 2014 – CB/MB may attend.
Path watch meeting – Mrs Fay was unable to attend and sent her apologies.

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 27 March 2014

Midhurst Area Cycling meeting – Mrs Fay reported that the Project officer from the Council was hopeful of some progress in the future and he was also hopeful of a good outcome from a immanent meeting with the landowners. They are trying to clear the area between the South Downs and Cocking to reinstate the old railway line for use as a cycle path. They seem to be able to solve the problem of the bats in the tunnel by using a framework which will protect the bats.

326. Other Matters –
Mrs. Fay – resignation – Mrs. Fay is considering her position on the council.

Date of next meeting – AGM and APM – Thursday 22 May 2014
The meeting will be held in the Lower Barn Area at the Park House Hotel

Chairman: …………………………………. Date: …………………………..

These Minutes are unconfirmed until signed by the Chairman