28 Nov 13 Minutes of Meeting


Chairman: Mr. Howard Ewing
Clerk: Mrs. Lorraine Grocott BA (Hons): Local Policy
23 West Meade, Milland, Nr Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7NB
Tel 01428 741393… Email: postmaster@milland-wsc-pc.gov.uk

Thursday 28 November 2013 at The Grange, Midhurst

Present: Mr H Ewing (Chairman) present until 8.35pm,
Mr M Balmforth (Vice-Chairman), Mrs R Hart, Mrs S Fay, Mr G Ryan,
Mrs C Bower, Mrs H Hollowood
Cllr. John Cherry, (District Councillor)
Cllr. Gordon McAra (County Councillor)
1 Member of the Public

285. Apologies: Mrs H Hollowood, Mrs S Fay

286. Declaration of Interests of Members on Agenda:
a) Mr Ewing declared an interested – Chair of Arun & Chichester CAB as the council would be discussing donations and the CAB was on the list.
b) Mrs R Hart – Husband involved in Outset Youth Action as the council would be discussing donations and Outset Youth Action was on the list.

287. Public Participation:
Dark skies – The SDNPA is currently researching the dark sky quality across the downs, with the intention of applying for an International Dark-Sky Reserve status possibly as early as next year. Such a status would designate the downs as an internationally important landscape for astronomy, night time wildlife and conserving the special qualities within the region. Their initial measurements of the area show that the Parish of Bepton will potentially sit within the core area. Sites already identified include Brecon Beacons, Exmoor and Northumberland. Dan Oakley from SDNPA spoke about how the parish might become involved and how it could assist in the process. Ways in which the impact of lights can be reduced included that change in the type of lighting and downward pointing external lights. The councillors were supportive of the idea. The Chairman will put an item onto the website and Mrs Bower will put an item into the spring newsletter.

288. Minutes of the Meeting 12 September 2013 were agreed and signed.

289. a) Report from Cllr Cherry, District Councillor –
1. Because of central governments difficult financial situation it will be gradually withdrawing its financial support for councils. Previously the government contributed a grant of 50/50 however this will become 70/30 Council Tax/Grant and the grant will be completely phased out by 2017-18. This may affect parish councils in that they may have to increase their income or reduce their expenditure. The District Council tries to keep one year ahead. Currently they are reducing the number of full time contractors from 3 to 2 and assistants from 11 to 7 in an effort to reduce the expenditure by £50K.
2. As a result of the reorganisation of the District Council they now have a vacant wing and this area will be leased out in 2014.
3. At the meeting of all parishes in October various topics were discussed including the statement by Police on the treatment of Travellers and Gypsies. The District Council has chosen a site at Westhampnett which will be refurbished for travellers. It will be ready for spring 2015.
Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 28 November 2013

b) Report from Cllr McAra, County Councillor –
1. Footpath on Bepton Road outside Frogmore – The upgrading of the footpath project will commence in early December.
2. At the North West Forum in September matters discussed included the delegation of authority for planning decisions which will be passed to Council Officers. This delegation will be reviewed in 12 months time. Ed Dickinson (CDC) gave a presentation on the process of dealing with speeding issues. Nat Belderston (SDNPA) made a presentation on the SDNPA’s Planning Process. The meeting planned for December has been cancelled.

290. Matters arising – There were none.

291. Chairman’s Items not mentioned in the Agenda – There were none.

292. Correspondence/Information – Document to be circulated.

293. COUNCIL REPORTS – Finance

The above payments were approved by the council.

b) Half year internal audit report – Mr Buckler had undertaken the half year inspection of the accounts. Four items were raised and these have been resolved.
1. Zurich insurance schedule – was included with the papers.
2. Operation Watershed cheque for £21,749.93 – It will appear in the 1/3 quarter a/cs.
3. CPRE – Receipt in the file for the November meeting.
4. Financial Regulations – To be signed by the Chairman at the November meeting.

c) Finance Regulations, Risk Assessment, Asset Register, Year Diary, Standing Orders have been seen by Chairman and he has approved the document. Standing Orders – A copy of the latest issue of the Standing Orders from NALC have been emailed to the councillors for information. They provide guidance on the conduct of councils business.

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 28 November 2013

d) Precept proposals 2014 -15 The council agreed to maintain its precept of £4300

294. Planning report – Mrs Hart – Councils response to application
SDNP/13/05096/TCA – Mr. Duncan Hollowood of The Coach House requests permission to carry out tree works to one copper beech and one hazel. Letter of no objection sent. Await decision.
SDNP/13/04611/CW – The Old brickworks, Bepton Road wants temporary permission for the separation and crushing of stone and concrete from soil to create material to e used to backfill electricity cable trenches for a period of 5 years. On the grounds on noise impact, a letter of objection sent. Await decision.

295. Environment and Amenities
Mowing of Severals Green – Highways have advised that the area is classed as a ‘rural cut’ which will be mown 3 times a year. Chris Clayton will mow the area 7 times for £10 per cut = £70p.a.

296. Highways/Rights of Way
a) Footpath outside Frogmore – Streetworks has confirmed a start date of 9 December with a finish date of 20 December.
b) Speed Limit reduction Severals Road – The County Councillor and Highways support the TRO for the speed limit to be reduced to 30mph. TRO requests are on a priority list. Bepton is on this list but the road is not a High priority.
Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 28 November 2013

c) The footpath along Bepton Road from Frogmore – The meeting discussed the need for improvements on the path from Frogmore up to and just beyond the turning to Severals Road. The path needs redefining in places and the vegetation needs cutting back. Some trees may need to be removed. Funding for this work could come from the monies remaining following the work on the footpath outside Frogmore. Monies remain because the council accepted the lowest quote for the footpath work outside Frogmore.
d) Maintenance work on Minching Lane – Mrs Fay reported, by email, that there had been some recent additional work done on Minching Lane.

297. Winter Management Plan – Mr Balmforth reported on the following:-
• The council has signed a Winter Maintenance Plan Agreement which sets out what the County will do and not do and what the Bepton PC undertakes to do.
• 3 bags of salt have been deposited at Church Farm.
• Bepton Road is on the gritting route as is Bell Lane and Severals Road up to the parish boundary
• Mr Balmforth has the telephone of the contractors who will do any extra road snow clearance.
• ACS is the appointed WSCC contractor. They won’t come out on icy days.

298. District /County Organisations

a) North West Forum – At the North West Forum in September matters discussed included problems with electronic planning, the delegation of authority for HOUS/DOM planning decisions which will be passed to Council Officers. This delegation will be reviewed in 12 months time. Nat Belderston (SDNPA) made a presentation on the SDNPA’s Planning Process. Ed Dickinson (CDC) gave a presentation on the process of dealing with speeding issues. The meeting planned for December has been cancelled.
b) Mrs Hart gave a report on the CDC planning refresher for parishes in the National Park.
c) The CDC All Parishes Meeting 17 October – There were speakers on the Community Infrastructure Levy, a budget and financial update which included a suggestion that in future there may be a cap on parish council’s precept and a presentation on Oil & Gas exploration.
d) SALC/AirS Rural Conference & AGM Brighton – 7 November. The Clerk attended this meeting. The title for the conference was Growth – for whose benefit? The Conference examined how the reliance on economic growth for public sector service provision will play out in rural areas of East and West Sussex. The government has signalled its intention to ensure that services provided by local government are funded by local taxation – Council Tax and Business Rates. Localism will have a very real local impact, especially on aspirations for growth. The questions were asked ‘What must communities do for themselves? What form of economic growth will sustain a high quality of life for all, not just for some.’
e) Midhurst Area Cycling meeting – Mrs Fay reported, by email, that MAC discussed whether or not they should continue their work as the SDNPA is fostering cycling within the Park. It was decided that they should continue to fight their corner.

299. Other Matters – Item for the January meeting – Footpath on Bepton Road.

Date of next meeting – Thursday 23 January 2014 @ 7pm, the Park House Hotel

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