10 Sep 20 Minutes of Meeting

Chairman: Mrs Rosalind Hart
Clerk: Mrs. Lorraine Grocott, BEM, BA Hons (Local Policy)
23 West Meade, Milland, Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7NB
Tel 01428 741393… Email: postmaster@milland-wsc-pc.gov.uk
Website – http://www.bepton.org

Thursday 10 September 2020 held via Zoom

Present: Mrs R Hart (Chair), Mr J C Beaumont, Mr J Beckett, Mr D Hollowood,
Mr M Salmon, Mrs C Bower, Mrs L Sadler
Cllr Dr K O’Kelly (County Councillor)
Expression of Thanks – The Chairman expressed her thanks to Dr Wilkinson for her contribution to the Council during her 4 years as a councillor for her focus on the Rights of Way and the Village Gates project.
Welcome to Mr Mike Salmon as a new councillor – Proposed by Mrs Hart and seconded by Mr Hollowood. Mr Salmon had signed his Declaration of Acceptance of Office, completed his Register of Interests, and signed his Consent for the Council to hold personal information and to be able to send him information via his email address. The Chairman reminded him that it was recommended that he create a new email address specifically for the parish council communication.

819. Apologies – Cllr Mrs Judi Fowler – report sent.

820. Declaration of Interests of Members – There were none.

821. Minutes of the Meeting 14 May 2020. Agreed. Mrs. Hart to sign and send to the Clerk.

822. Report from the District Councillor – Emailed by Cllr Mrs Judi Fowler

1. The District Council has returned to normal working hours after the lockdown but East Pallant House remains closed to the public. Services are running normally.
2. There is an All Parishes virtual meeting on 16th September. Two representatives from each council may attend.
3. Contracts have been exchanged for the land at the Grange Centre, Midhurst. If planning is granted Montpelier Estates will construct a care home on the site.
4. Residents are to be asked for their views on a climate change action plan for Chichester District. The consultation period runs from 25 September – 6 November.
5. A scheme to deal with businesses food waste has been started. Food waste is dealt with in an anaerobic digester and 100% will be converted into electricity or gas.
6. Contact chichester.gov.uk/businessfoodwaste.
7. The SDNPA has a small grants scheme (£500 – £2000) to help cultural heritage organizations in the Park to recover their economy. This is available to visitor accommodation providers, food and drink providers, visitor attractions and independent retailers. Applicants must live in the Park or within 4 miles of its boundaries. See enterprise@southdowns.gov.uk.
8. The Novium is open and has been given a grant from the Art Fund of £21,000 towards virtual field trips for schools.
9. Pallant House is also open.
10. Chichester Festival Theatre hosted a weekend of movies and music at the end of August which
was booked out and a great success. The outdoor concert was fully booked within an hour of the
box office opening!

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 10 September 2020

823. Report from the County Councillor – Emailed by Cllr Dr Kate O’Kelly

1. Bepton TRO – The next CLC Oct / Nov cycle has been cancelled, decision made at the Governance meeting this week – members of the CLC will be meeting informally and will make the TRO decisions.
2. WSCC Covid Update – In the 14 days between 30 August to 5 September 139 people in West Sussex tested positive for the coronavirus. This is an increase from the previous period and a considerable increase from early August. 15 Cases in Chichester over the last week.
But the level of Pillar 2 (community) testing being undertaken in the county is now decreasing, and this may impact the number of positive cases being identified. Capacity for testing has decreased for West Sussex as they are prioritising lab testing for other areas with higher prevalence. The team has said it might be 4-6 weeks to get the capacity of testing up again in West Sussex.
We have had our first meeting of the Councillor group scrutinising the local outbreak plan. Our Public Health team assured me they are now receiving enough detailed data about individual cases. CDC team are working with the WSCC and ready to work on any local outbreaks. Another member meeting this Friday on the impact of Covid on the NHS locally in terms of non Covid conditions. As part of the Government’s UK-wide drive to increase accessibility to testing, the Department of Health and Social Care has opened a new drive-in COVID-19 testing centre at Tangmere airfield.
West Sussex residents with symptoms of COVID-19 should continue to request a free test for the virus at http://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test or by calling 119.
3. Cycling – Rother Valley Way progress meeting –
SDNPA have allocated more funds and more officer time. Hope to see more progress on this over the next few months.
Midhurst Green Way – WSCC have asked stakeholders for their feedback on the outline plans.
Tranche 1 Government funding for seven emergency temporary cycleway schemes in West Sussex has been approved by the Department for Transport. The CDC scheme is in Chichester has been completed. Looking for feedback from residents For the second tranche of Government funding a bid has been submitted. I am sitting on the County Member group looking at the government funded cycling schemes which includes reviewing the impact of the schemes.
4. Full Council –
WSCC Full Council on 17th July. The Council discussed their plans for Reset what they want to do, and Reboot – How they intend to do it. I added an amendment to the recommendations such that climate change needs to be an overarching theme – this was agreed. The financial challenges are considerable – predicted deficit in year budget £34m but that was prior to the latest announcements from more Gov funding. They predict this latest funding will improve the situation but is unlikely to be enough to remove the estimated deficit entirely. Main problem is National funding goal posts keep moving and big decisions on future funding deferred.
5. HASC today –
We scrutinized the local response to the NHS long term plan. More integration with health and social care. New ways of working – including digital transformation. Emphasis on prevention and tackling inequalities.
Also, we scrutinized new model for on call social workers involved in Mental Health Act.

6. Cllr Dr. Kate O’Kelly is available on kate@westsussex.gov.uk – M: 07979522299

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 10 September 2020

824. Matters arising
a) Midhurst Angels, the Midhurst Covid-19 support group have now switched off their mobile, 160 days after making their first call in March.

825. Chairman’s Items – Mrs Ros Hart
a) SSALC Seminar for Council Officers via Zoom – Effective Communications & Engagement in a Post-Lockdown World – Mrs Hart attended. The Seminar provided information for councils on website tools, e-letters, communication and displays, mobile phones and making the most of social media including Facebook.
b) SSALC New councillor training via Zoom – Mr Salmon and Mr Hollowood attended.
Mr Hollowood found it interesting with a lot of useful information but more suited to larger councils.
Mr Salmon found it useful as a person new to council work.

826. Finance report – Mrs Grocott, RFO

These payments were approved.

b) Moore – The external auditors have advised that the y/e accounts s for 2019-2020 are complete. The Conclusion notice has been placed on the notice board and the website.
c) NatWest – addition of JCB as full signatory – still progressing.
d) NALC Clerks Salary Award increase from 1.4.2020 (£12.89 to £13.24 per hour)
e) Preparation for Precept proposals for 2020-21. LG and JCB to liaise and present a proposal to the November meeting.

827. Planning Report – Mr. John Beckett


Metis Homes request pre-planning to develop the Council Depot and Former Brickworks in Bepton Road.
Development proposed would erect 72 dwellings with associated access, parking and landscaping.
Online docs updated 30 April 2020. Public consultation now closed and public feedback will be contained in a Statement of Community Involvement when final planning application is submitted.
Application in progress.

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 10 September 2020

Mrs J Verrall of 2, Bepton Grange, Bepton Road, requests permission to fell 1 no. Cypress (conifer) tree. Raise no objection
Mr H Ewing of 3, Bepton Grange, Bepton Road requests permission to fell 2 no. Ash trees.
Raise no objection
Ms W Sugden of Grangefield, Bepton Road requests permission to fell 1 no. Norway Maple tree.
Raise no objection
The Cowdray Estate requests permission to fell 1 no. Yew tree and 1 no. Apple tree at Pound Cottage, 430 Bell Lane, Bepton. Raise no objection
Mr H Ewing of 3, Bepton Grange, Bepton Road requests permission to reduce south sector by 2m on 1 no. Monteray Cypress. Raise no objection

The Cowdray Estate requests permission to refurbish and build single storey side and rear extensions to The Country Inn, Severals Road, Bepton. Application in Progress. Deadline for comments 18.9.20. On balance, the Council wishes to support, in principle, having a refurbished pub/restaurant.
There are local concerns about increased noise, traffic, and parking. They would like to seek assurances that all customers park their cars in The Country Inn car park and not on the verge opposite. All these observations could be made whilst supporting the overall package. Mrs Hart and Mr Beckett were asked to suggest a meeting with The Cowdray Estate to explore local concerns. It is hoped the Council could provide useful input to the Estate as they develop this project.

The Cowdray Estate requests permission to construct a new agricultural access track to Rectory Farm Dairy, Church Lane, Bepton. Application in Progress.
The Council supports this application as it will reduce agricultural traffic at the southern end of Bepton. The meeting also discussed the idea of asking for a Permissive Path along the new proposed track, which could be a mix of scalping’s and tarmac.
Mr Salmon was asked to contact the Rights of Way Officer at WSCC for his advice.


Draft Soft Sand Review Plan has been published on WSCC website. Severals East and West are not included in the plan. The public consultation has now closed, and the plan has been submitted to government to be tested for soundness and legal and procedural compliance. The public examination hearings took place 25th to 27th August and the Planning Inspector will now review the information presented. If considered sound the soft sand review would be adopted in December 2020 and incorporated into the Joint Minerals Local Plan.

Bepton Parish Council have applied to CDC to have a TPO applied to the Beech tree situated in the garden of The Country Inn. This decision is being considered in association with Planning Application SDNP/20/03042/FUL

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 10 September 2020

A resident of Bepton has written to SDNP Planning raising concerns over the condition of Half Timbers, a Grade II listed property in Bepton which has been empty for over a year.
This property is now on the market.

SDNPA – Adopted Sustainable Construction – Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD)
The SPD provides further guidance to support the implementation of the South Downs Local Plan policies, in particular Policy SD2: Ecosystem Services, Policy SD3, Major Development, Policy SD22: Parking Provision (where it relates to electric vehicle charging); Policy SD48 Climate Change and Sustainable Use of Resources.
The SPD support Local Plan Objective 5: To adapt well to and mitigate against the impacts of climate change and other pressures. It covers several detailed matters relating to new development including, energy and water efficiency, the use of low or zero carbon energy, use of sustainable materials, minimising waste and measures for adopting to climate change.

828. Website review – Mr James Beaumont
Mr Beaumont and Mr Salmon have been in discussion over the website. Mr Salmon feels that it is important to look at how we can attract people to look to the website for information and that it is a place where residents can engage with the other members of the community. Residents should be able to give feedback to the Council on the website. Perhaps including more news items on it. The advertisements which were appearing have now been removed at a cost of £36. A small group will be meeting later in September to discuss ideas.

829. Broadband update – Mr Duncan Hollowood
Bepton now has 30 voucher claimants. Park House has only one connection. Each property in the scheme can claim a voucher for £4000. The claim is done by the infrastructure supplier, likely to be Openreach so the residents will never see the money directly. The final cost will be c. £100,000. Everyone will receive an email from BT in due course.
Please email any questions you may have to Duncan Hollowood (BRDH.BPC@gmail.com)

830. Newsletter – Mrs Carey Bower
Mrs Bower will be preparing an Autumn newsletter.

831. St Mary’s Church Guide & History leaflet update – Nothing further.

832. Environment matters/ Highways matters/ Rights of Way

a) Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) – Several Road and Bepton Road – Due to be discussed at the October or November CLC meeting. The meeting will decide informally. The CLC only allow for one TRO per year in the North of the Downs.
b) Installation of Village Gates – Darren Rolfe has advised that his team will be installing the Gates on 23 September. The work will take three (3) days to complete.
c) Other Highway matters
The Council has been advised after an online request that the approval for the painting of white lines along the edge of Bepton Road is subject to a demonstration of support from the community. In addition, repairs to the edges of Bepton Road near Burbank and Bepton Common, overhanging branches and path improvements also need the support of the local community. After discussion, it was decided that Councillors will conduct a house-to-house survey. Mrs Hart to take forward.

Minutes of Bepton Parish Council meeting 10 September 2020

e) Bin emptying on Severals Green – Mr Cox has been emptying the bin for several years but expressed his wish to retire from doing this. The Clerk contacted the District Coyuncil to ask if it was possible for them to install a bin and for it to be cleared on a regular basis by them. The advised that they would have to undertake a site visit to ensure that it would be no further than 15 metres from the road. It would cost approx. £500 for the bin and installation. Collection charge would be around £1.26 per week for collection = £70 pa. They were not installing bins at present and are discouraging their installation to encourage people to take their waste home with them.
Following discussion, it was decided to remove the bin completely in the first instant to allow time to reassess the need for a bin on the site. Councillors JCB, JB and LS to meet and remove the bin.
f) Midhurst Area Cycling meeting – Mr Salmon will attend a Zoom meeting on 15 September.
g) SDNPA – Active Travel Links for Walkers Cyclists and Horse Riders at Cocking – Dr Wilkinson wrote a letter of support for the project. The proposal is for an off-road path linking the proposed northern section of the Centurion Way from Hoefield Lane to the South Downs Way at the car park (West of the A286). MAC and Cocking Parish Council have also identified the restricted by-way 943 (East of the A286) as the most suitable route for cyclists and other users from the South Downs Way at Hill Barn down to Cocking village. The path is particularly steep at one point, but this could easily be remedied by regrading it and it will also require other minor improvements.
h) Climate change – G Keegan MP Public Zoom Meeting, 4 September – Mrs Linda Sadler
Panel comprised: Gillian Keegan MP, Cllr Deborah Urquhart WSCC Cabinet Member for the Environment Cllr Penny Plant, CDC Cabinet Member for the Environment, Richard Craven, Chichester Harbour Conservancy Director and Harbour Master, Nick Gray, Environment Agency Area Flood and Coastal Risk Manager, Ian Phillips, South Downs National Park Authority Chair.
• There are Solar farms at Tangmere and Westhampnet and Plan to extend the large scale Rampian Windfarm
• Chichester Harbour – A valuable natural habitat for sequestering carbon through salt marshes and eel grass, worth 1.1 billion pounds.
• County Council is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030.
• SDNP Climate Action Plan for net zero carbon by 2037.
• District Council to ask for views on climate change action plan for Chichester District
• Taking personal responsibility for our own lifestyle
• Food waste bins is only for businesses at present. CDC is waiting for the Environmental Bill to be passed in 2023 so that there will be funds available.
• Our Black bin waste is not going to landfill or to places like the Philippines but to Holland and Germany for recycling.
• SDNPA is most wooded area in England and Wales. Have planted 1500 disease resistant elms. Goodwood Estate has 78000 trees.
• Solar panels – West Sussex is bulk buying solar panels for homes.
For more information please go online.

833. Other meetings
a) CDC – All parishes meeting via Zoom 16 September 2020 – JB to watch.
b) WSALC – SSALC – Mr Leggo has responded to questions about the Strategy Review being undertaken by the Board of SSALC. The background to this is that in November 2019 the Board commissioned the Review to examine all aspects of our costs and services. It is expected to take until December 2020 to complete.

834. Date of next meeting 26 November 2020 which will probably be via Zoom.
If the public would like to be present would they please contact the Clerk in advance.

Chairman: …………………………………..
These Minutes are unconfirmed until signed by the chairman