Bepton PC Accounts & Financial Information

Here you will find a selection of important financial information about Bepton Parish Council. Don’t hesitate to ask a Councillor if you have any queries about the information.

Bepton CIL 6.19 p.1

Bepton CIL 6.19 p.2

Public Right to View

Annual Governance signed

Accounting Stmnt signed

Here is Bepton PC’s Statement of Accounts 2017-18

Bepton PC Acs 17-18 BalSht

Here is the Internal Audit Report 2017-18

Here are Bepton PC’s Year End Accounts 2017-18

Bepton PC Bank Reconciliation 2017-18

Bepton PC Explanation of variances 17-18

Bepton PC Payments over £100 17-18

Here is the proposed precept for 2018-19

Bepton PC Precept proposals 18-19

And here is the statutory right to inspect:

Bepton PC Public Rights to view 17-18