Bepton PC Accounts & Financial Information

Here you will find a selection of important financial information about Bepton Parish Council. Don’t hesitate to ask a Councillor if you have any queries about the information.

Here is Bepton PC’s Statement of Accounts 2017-18

Bepton PC Acs 17-18 BalSht

Here is the Internal Audit Report 2017-18


Here are Bepton PC’s Year End Accounts 2017-18

Bepton PC Bank Reconciliation 2017-18

Bepton PC Explanation of variances 17-18

Bepton PC Payments over £100 17-18

Here is the proposed precept for 2018-19

Bepton PC Precept proposals 18-19

And here is the statutory right to inspect:

Bepton PC Public Rights to view 17-18