Winter Resilience Plan 22-23

What are the objectives of the Plan?

1.       This plan is designed to provide a framework for a Parish based approach to deal with severe winter conditions as experienced in 2009/10, and similar emergencies.

2.       To enable people in Bepton to access and continue to use the roads in the event of heavy snowfall or obstruction from fallen trees.

3.       To ensure best possible access by emergency services.

Identified Key Risks and Hazards

4.       In times of extreme weather conditions, the disruptions are from:

  • Hazardous road conditions and blockage of roads because of snow and ice on:
    • Primary routes: Bepton Road, Severals Road, Bugshill/Bell Lane access points.
    • Steep inclines and at junctions
    • Fallen trees (all roads)
    • Fallen power cables (limited)
    • Severed telephone cables
  • Power failures resulting in loss of electricity supply and thus loss of heating and cooking facilities, access to sources of information, for example the internet and lighting
  • Telecoms disruption (land line & cellular) resulting in loss of communication 

West Sussex County Council Offer (WSCC)

5.     The WSCC Offer is as set out in their document ‘Supporting Local Community Winter Plans 2022-23.

6.       In brief, the Offer is that WSCC would grit those roads, in the Precautionary Network. Bepton Parish Council have identified Bepton Road, Severals Road, Bugshill Lane and Bell Lane as local priority.   A map of the roads accompanies this plan.

7.       WSCC will also provide £35 per hour towards the local contractor (ACS Services) to clear snow because of a significant snow event, from the roads identified in paragraphs 4 & 6 of this plan.  Note ACS charge out rate is £87 per hour for the first hour and £45 thereafter, the shortfall will be payable by Bepton PC. (WSCC £35, Bepton PC £52 and £45 thereafter £35/£10.)

8.       If the Parish Council decided to ask a contractor to do any further gritting or snow clearing that was not agreed by WSCC, the cost would fall to the Parish Council (see note 7 above have no salt or grit bags in Bepton.  The approved local contractor for Bepton is ACS Ltd. -Tristan Parks – Email:

9.       People are encouraged to work together to clear the necessary routes and give access for those less able to help themselves. 

10.     Owners of four-wheel drive vehicles are encouraged to give assistance wherever and whatever way possible.  Drivers should have regard to the nature of the road and weather conditions and always consider safety first.

Fallen Trees

11.     Bepton has several heavily wooded areas.  In extreme high winds or heavy snow conditions, trees may be brought down causing blockages to roads or pulling down overhead power and telecommunication lines. The utilities will normally be aware as soon as this happens and take the necessary action, but residents should check that this is the case.

12.     Often oaks or pines heavily laden with ivy vines are the first to succumb when there are snow /severe gales. Some residents take preventative action by cutting the ivy vines to avoid this as it causes the leaves to then drop.

13.     If a fallen tree interferes with power or telecom lines the appropriate utility supplier should be contacted so that any risk/clearance is managed by them. Where the tree is blocking the road or is on a highway verge the West Sussex Highways Dept. should be contacted.

At Risk members of the Parish Community

14.     As in the past, experience of the 2009/10 snowfalls showed that neighbours took care of residents. This is always appreciated, not just in the case of extreme weather conditions, power failures etc.

15.     There is a DEFIBRILLATOR accessible to all in the restored telephone box near The Country Inn.

16.  Please refer to our website BEPTON.ORG for further information and register for emails for the latest updates by signing up on the ‘FOLLOW’ link at the bottom right-hand corner of the opening page. 

For more information – listen to BBC Sussex 104.8 and 95.3 fm.

For further information please contact:

Emergency Contact Details:

Utility Suppliers:

West Sussex Highways Dept.

West Sussex Police:

  • Tel: 101 from a landline or 112 from a mobile. 
  • In an emergency call 999 from any phone or 112 from a mobile.

BEPTON PARISH COUNCIL                                        January 2023