Chichester DC offers grants to local businesses

Businesses must be based in the Chichester District to qualify for an Enabling Grant and employ up to 10 paid staff or full time equivalent. The grant is for up to 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum contribution of £1,000. The deadline for applying is Thursday 20 February 2014.

These are not restricted to any particular type of business, for example they have had applications from chocolatiers, hair dressers, accountants and people running their business from home, all trying to enhance their businesses productivity and to inform people that they exist in this volatile market place.

The Enabling Grant match funds up to the value of £ 1000.00, this is huge benefit for any business as they can increase their product awareness in the market place and to enhance the area in which they are located.

For details of the scheme and how to apply on line:

Here are a few benefits of the grant scheme;

  • Increase product knowledge and awareness in the market place.
  • Enable the business to have a customer data base
  • Diversification into other market places.
  • Increase your business profile in the area.
  • Launch of a new business website in the market place.
  • Having an on line platform which will increase the footfall and interest, and sales through e-commerce.


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