… A Midhurst Nightmare …

The heading of this post is the rather dramatic title of a page on the SDNPA’s forum dedicated to the proposed Minerals Sites around Midhurst. There is a link to the page here.  

Most of the postings are about the Hawkhurst Farm site in West Lavington which would have an impact on Bepton. However, if you are concerned about the proposals at The Severals, you might wish to add your views on The Severals to the forum.

In the meantime, I have posted a few of the pictures and ‘mocked-up’ pictures which show some of the possible impacts of the proposals.


Mock Up of Lorry at Dunford HollowMock-ip of a lorry trying to negotiate Dunford Hollow

mockup_2_1000 Mock up of proposed Hawkhurst Farm Sand Pit

sand_lorry_a286_mockupcopy Mock up of Sand Lorry trying to gain access to A286

potholes3 Pothole & subsidence in Rumbolds Hill

grab_lorry Grab Lorry stuck in Midhurst


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