Bepton Parish Council Meeting – 27th November

The next meeting of the Parish Council is on 27th November at 7pm in the Park House Hotel, Bepton. We were impressed by the turnout for the last meeting and hope that as many Bepton residents will attend this one. You are all welcome.

The agenda is as follows:



Chairman: Mr. Howard Ewing

Clerk: Mrs. Lorraine Grocott, B.A. (Hons): Local Policy

23 West Meade, Milland, Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7NB, Tel: 01428 741393

Website –

You are hereby summoned to attend the next meeting of

BEPTON PARISH COUNCIL at Park House Hotel, Bepton Road,

Thursday 27 November 2014 at 7p.m.

The business will be transacted in accordance with the following Agenda.


1. Apologies for absence –

2. Declaration of Interests on the Agenda as required by the Code of Conduct

3. To confirm the Minutes of the Meeting 25 September 2014

4. Reports from the District & County Councillors

5. Public Participation

6. Matters arising from the Minutes

a) Crown lifting of trees at Severals Green

7. Chairman’s items not mentioned in the Agenda

a) Update on Minerals Plan

8. Correspondence/Information – Questions on Emails

a) Sussex Police Precept 2015/16 –

9. Council Reports

a) Finance report – Mrs. Grocott RFO,

Statement of accounts

Report on ½ year internal check on a/cs

Precept proposals for discussion and approval (Attached)

b) Planning report for Sept/Oct/Nov – Mrs. Hart

SDNP Parish workshop 23.10.14

c) Environment/Amenity matters

Winter emergency plans – MB

Clearance of Minching Lane by WSCC Rights of Way -12.11.14

10. Highways and Byways

Highways works on Bepton Road 17.11.14

11. County and District Organisations

a) North West Forum – 17 September

b) Neighbourhood Watch meeting 24 September

c) SDNPA workshop – focus on SDNPA Local Plan 23 October

d) Midhurst Area Cycling meeting 4 November

12. Date of next meeting – Thursday 22 January 2015 @ 7pm

A copy of the DRAFT minutes of the September meeting can be found by clicking here: BPC- MINUTES Sept 2014

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